World Class Athletes Visit Pines - The Original Home for Green Super Foods

Three of the the world's top Spartan athletes visited Pines recently. They were in the area for an obstacle "mud" race west of Lawrence. Hobie Call was among them.

Hobie has become synonymous with Spartan athletics. That's because of his amazing record. Out of the last 46 Spartan Races he has entered, he won 37 of them. He was the World Champ in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Hobie also holds the Guinness World Record for lunging a mile. He beat the previous world record by 5 minutes in 2008. He ranks in the top 2% for Spartan Sprint, top 5% for Spartan Super and top 3% as a marathon runner.

Hobie has used Pines Wheat Grass for many years. He says he has gone through several hundreds bottles of the largest (24 ounce) size of Pines Wheat Grass powder in his career.

The World's Greatest - Hobie Says Pines Contributes His Health

Hobie says, “Thank you Pines for your exceptional Wheat Grass. The health required to continually win races as brutal as these is great. I contribute mine more to your products than anything else I eat. I have used your Wheat Grass for many years, and intend to continue for many more.”


Official Green Food of the Ironman Triathlon

Established in 1976, PINES was the Official Green Food of the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. PINES is the top choice of marathon runners, triathletes, bodybuilders and other high level performance athletes. With studies regarding the importance of dark green, leafy vegetables and the nitric oxide they provide and the blood building qualities of dark green, leafy vegetables, it is clear why so many athletes feel Pines gives them an edge.  Pines' green superfoods are available at leading natural food stores or direct through our shopping cart.


For over 40 years, Pines continues to be 100% organic 

More than 100 small investors established Pines in 1976. They saw the company as a means to convert more farmland to certified organic and to support sustainable development. Further, they wanted to see the company support environmental causes and feeding programs. The stockholders invested an average of $200 each. Rather than expecting a big return on their investment, they supported the project because they believed in the ideals. They chose the Pine tree as the logo as internationally-recognized symbol of the peace found in nature.

We are 100% organic Kansas grower and producer of wheatgrass powder.  Further, unlike our Kansas competitor, we have no history with the confined animal industrialized meat industry. In addition, we are also the only greens producer for the natural product marketplace from Kansas to not irrigate. Instead, we grow our cereal grasses and alfalfa in appropriate areas of the State that do not require irrigation. Consequently, we do not use the contaminated and nearly depleted ground water from the Ogallala Aquifer. Furthermore, for 40 years, we have opposed agribusiness that abused, wasted and contaminated it.

This once-pristine fresh water resource in support of the meat and ethanol industries by growing corn and pesticide-based alfalfa. Pines is proud to be the only grower in Kansas that is 100% organic. We are also proud to use natural rainfall rather than more than 70 years draining the Ogallala aquifer.  Nature took tens of thousands of years to accumulate that "fossil water".  Our competitor and other chemical farmers have drained and poisoned it in less than 100 years.

no irrigation

We Follow the Standards of the Father of Wheatgrass

All Pines products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten-free and raw. We follow the standards for the medical research that inspired Ann Wigmore, Steve Meyerowitz and other authors.

Charles Schnabel established those standards in 1937.  As a result, the late Steve Meyerowits called him "the father of wheatgrass". He dedicated his popular book, "Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine." to him. Schnabel led the scientific team that produced the research praised by Ann Wignore. Because of Schnabel's research, she recommended the use of wheatgrass in the diet.

Schnabel produced his famous whole food wheatgrass powder in the same location still used by Pines. We still operate one of his labs and use many of his same fields. Consequently, Pines is the only green food producer with its bottling and shipping facility next to its fields.  These are the fields where we grow our organic wheatgrass. We do it all from planting the seed to bottling the finished product.

lab sign Pines still operates one of the laboratories used by Charles Schnabel and his team of scientists for the research praised by Ann Wigmore and other authors. Pines still operates one of the laboratories used by Charles Schnabel. His team of scientists produced research praised by Ann Wigmore and other authors.

Packaged Appropriately

We package all Pines products in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. This allows Pines to remove the oxygen from each bottle. That protects the greens from the loss of value that occurs with a plastic or paper package. After opening, the metal caps allow the consumer to tightly seal the bottle between uses. That keeps the products fresh. oxygen Oxygen causes green superfoods in plastic bottles & packets to lose their nutritional value even before you purchase them. Only Pines packages correctly.

Pines' Dark Green Powders Increase Nitric Oxide Levels

With Pines, you receive the vegetable nutrition that is lacking in most diets, including high performance athletes.  That's because athletes seek greater stamina, endurance and faster recovery.  The achieve improved cardio vascular function with nitric oxide and other blood building nutrients in dark green leafy vegetables. The darker green the better. Pines green super foods are the darkest green of any and provide abundant nitric oxide.
athletes Performance athletes know that a strong cardiovascular system is the key for success. That's why they choose the most nutrient-dense green superfoods.

Pines' Green Superfoods are Organic and Non GMO

All Pines' products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and Kosher. They are available at leading natural food stores or direct through our shopping cart.