Kona Ironman Champion & Others Have Praised Pines

Greg Welch (pictured), Kona Ironman Triathlon World Champion, said: “My training schedule doesn’t leave much time to worry about daily nutrition. I also realize there are no shortcuts, so I depend on Pines to help make up for what my diet is missing. I can feel the difference.”

Here's a Quote from the top Spartan Racer:

hobie right

Recently retired, Hobie Call won of 37 of 46 Spartan Races along with three World Championships. Hobie said: “The health required to continually win races as brutal as these is great. I contribute that to Pines’ Wheat Grass Powder more than anything else I eat.”

Here's a Quote from Another Triathlon Champion:

clark left

After turning professional at the age of 19, Clark Campbell became one of the most consistent top-10 finishers. According to Clark, “My daily servings of Pines Wheat Grass help me recover from my workouts and keep me at my peak performance level.”

Here's a Quote from a Bicycle Race Champion:

Bill Right

Now 92 years old and still racing, Bill Bell has completed more than 300 triathlons. He credits Pines’ ‘Mighty Greens for important nutrition to his diet. Top women’s athletes such as professional triathlete Janine Daily depended on Pines, as well as thousands of amateurs who seek an edge.

Here's a Quote from a Marathon Runner:

Jason left Jason is a manager at Pines who runs more than a thousand miles per year in training and in marathons, “I take Pines Wheat Grass tablets several times each day and put a generous spoonful of Pines Wheat Grass powder into my protein shakes once or twice a day. I feel like I’m doing my body a wonderful favor each time I use Pines Wheat Grass. It also curbs my food cravings between meals.”

You Don't Have to Race in Kona to Feel the Difference

Even if you are not an Kona athlete, you can increase health-giving vegetable nutrition with Pines’ wheatgrass tablets, Green Duo capsules and all our superfood powders. The powders can be used to fortify a smoothie, juice or any recipe.

Vegetable Nutrition with Powder, Tablets or Capsules

my plate - fixed left

Several decades later, the Centers for Disease Control reinforced our 1976 message of "eat more green."  Their studies showed that 9 out 10 Americans who don’t eat enough chlorophyll-rich wholefood vegetables.  Pines Wheat Grass and our other original green superfoods make it easy to increase the greens in your diet.  The USDA Food Plate says we should be eating more vegetables than any other kind of food.

Following Standards from the Father of Wheatgrass

Pines is the original green superfood company. After 41 years, we are still the only grower of wheatgrass to follow scientific standards.  Charles Schnabel, the Father of Wheatgrass, outlined them in 1937.

Harvest 2017 from Pines International on Vimeo.

We follow Schnabel's growing and harvesting standards. We are also the only green super food company to follow his packaging standards.  As a result, the vegetable nutrition provides more nutrition than other products.

Oxygen Removed from Each Bottle to Retain Freshness

We use earth-friendly amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen. The result is oxidation does not occur. That's because removing oxygen prevents the oxidation. Oxygen causes loss of vegetable nutrition and color that occurs with greens packaged in plastic containers.  In addition, plastic is not earth friendly and is made with petrochemical fossil fuel.


No Irrigation on Our Farms - Natural Rainfall

Pines is also the only whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa grower to not use contaminated ground water for irrigation. Instead, we grow in the appropriate climates for those crops.  Our farms receive plenty of natural rainfall. Thus, we never need irrigation. In addition, we use the only facilities in Kansas built exclusively for Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten free, raw human food. We have have used our facilities to produce animal feed for the industrialized meat industry. Because we produce only non-gmo, certified organic human food, we are are uniquely vegan friendly!

no irrigation

It's Easy to Get the Veggie Nutrition You Need

Whether a professional Kona athlete or a person just seeking better health, you probably need more dark green leafy vegetables in your diet.  Pines green superfoods provide more nutrition per serving than other vegetables but cost much less per serving.  That makes Pines the best value and an easy way to add more veggies with less costs. Please visit our store locator or order online.