About Us

PINES Wheat Grass is a labor of love. Two young pioneering men in the 1970’s set out to provide the finest green superfood products to make the world a healthier place. Not only did they realize their dream, but they have also grown their company to legendary status. Because of their deep passion for the planet and wildlife, PINES made it a priority to become the ONLY true farm-to-table greens producer. Their 100% Vegan facilities are unmatched, and they are incredibly proud to be the only green superfoods sustainable producer that farms with natural rain—NOT groundwater through irrigation!
One of PINES's original logos!

This level of pure quality is never compromised within the entire value chain. The end result is the finest green superfoods on the market at the lowest cost per serving. Join the PINES Wheat Grass People family by following us on Facebook and Instagram.