Athletes Top Choice for Stamina and Endurance

Top performance athletes know if they are to win, they cannot take shortcuts on nutrition.  They choose Pines' green superfoods because Pines does not take any shortcuts on growing, harvesting or packaging our products. 

Although world champion athletes use Pines, some top performance athletes actually work for the company itself. Jason is the manager of the bottling department at Pines. Jason has run in more than a dozen marathones including the Pikes Peak Marathon last year. That was a grueling two-day event. Jason ran up Pikes Peak two days straight and also ran down on the second day.


Jason is in charge of packaging Pines' green superfoods

Thousands of Miles Fueled by Pines Green Superfoods

In addition to the Pikes Peak event, Jason has run in numerous marathons in Kansas and elsewhere. He has logged several thousand miles in training.  Jason is one of many athletes worldwide who include Pines WheatGrass and other green superfoods from Pines in their diets. Besides protecting health for athletes and all others who use them, Pines green superfoods provide the nutrition needed for stamina and endurance. run

Jason on a 50-mile competitive run

Another example of an athlete who depends on Pines is world champion Spartan Racer, Hobie Call. Hobie has used Pines during all his entire racing career. He has won more than 50 races. Hobie is the current world champion. He was also the world champion in 2011, 2013 and 2014. During his career as a Spartan athlete, Hobie won more than 80% of his races.


Spartan World Champion Hobie Call

More than 40 Years Supporting Top Athletes 

World champions using Pines is nothing new.  In more than 40 years, many marathon runners, triathletes, bicyclists, boxers, trainers, coaches and others have used and have recommended Pines. Pines Wheat Grass was the official green food of the Ironman Triathlon in KonaThe company sponsored Ironman World Champion, Greg Welch, as well as other triathlon champions.

Greg with new bottle

Ironman World Champion Greg Welch

Currently, top trainers and coaches use Pines products and recommend them to their clients.  Dozens of top runners, bicyclists, boxers/fighters and other athletes depend on Pines.  More new athletes such as Antonio depend on Pines each year.


After turning professional at the age of 19, Clark Campbell became one of the most consistent top-10 finishers. According to Clark, "My daily servings of Pines Wheat Grass help me recover from my workouts and keep me at my peak performance level."

Now 92 years old and still racing, Bill Bell has completed more than 300 triathlons. He credits Pines' 'Mighty Greens for important nutrition to his diet. Top women's athletes such as professional triathlete Janine Daily depended on Pines, as well as thousands of amateurs who seek an edge.

The Greener Your Superfood, the More Nutrition is in It

Pines is the number one choice of green superfoods for athletes because Pines green superfoods are the most nutrient dense.  Pines harvest at a special time.  Food scientists found that peak nutritional level for cereal grasses occurs only once each year.  The period known as the "jointing stage."  It lasts for only a couple of days. Other companies wait until after the jointing stage to increase production, but by doing that they sacrifice nutritional density.  Because we follow that harvesting standard Pines products are the most darkly pigmented superfoods in the natural foods marketplace.


Top Athletes Know Green Nutrients Build Healthy Blood 

It is well known among top performance athletes that the more darkly pigmented a food, the more nitric oxide and other blood building nutrients the food provides.  Nitric oxide has been shown to increase cardiovascular function. The chlorophyll molecule in green plants is very similar to the molecule that makes up blood.  Green vegetables and other darkly pigmented foods such as those produced by Pines contain the nutrition you need for healthy blood. That's not only important for athletes but for all of us.


Our Faciliites have Never been used for the Meat Industry

As long as they have some green color, all superfoods provide at least some green food nutrition.  Few people eat as much green as our ancestors. Adding whole food green vegetable powders to your diet is good idea.  Athletes need as much nutrition per teaspoon as possible because they seek to perform at peak levels.  Although any green powder is better than none at all, from an economic standpoint it is wise to seek the most nutritional density per dollar spent.

Pines is the only vegan-friendly producer of whole food cereal grasses and alfalfa powders. Our modern dehydration facilities were built exclusively for certified organic, non-GMO Project verified human food. Our clean facilities are a marked contrast to antiquated animal feed dehydrators that produce most of the wheatgrass and alfalfa for superfoods sold in plastic tubs in the natural food marketplace.

Many environmentally-conscious consumers do not want to support factory farming. Unlike others, Pines' uses modern state-0f-the-art, computer-controlled, low-temperature drying facilities. We only produce certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher, gluten free human food.  We are not involved in the meat industry.

Animal feed dehydrators process most of the cereal grass and alfalfa for superfoods.  Located in remote dry regions of Kansas, Colorado and Utah, some have been in operation for more than 70 years. During that time, they produced a large part of the feed for more than 200 billion confined animals slaughtered by the industrialized meat industry. Without enough rainfall, their fields must be irrigated, even for their certified organic products sold to natural food producers.  Because these regions do not receive enough rainfall, they must use ground water that is often contaminated with pesticides from growing animal feed and GMO corn used for ethanol.

no irrigation

Natural Rainfall and Rich Glacial Soil

Pines grows all its greens in appropriate climates in areas with rich glacial soils and ample natural rainfall. We do not require and do not use irrigation. Pines follows the growing and harvesting standards that grew out of the scientific research on cereal grass and alfalfa in the 1930s and 1940s.  Those cereal grasses and alfalfa used by the scientists were grown in a very specific area in the Northeastern corner of Kansas where the last glaciers ended their journey.  The Eastern part of Kansas is the only region of the State where irrigation is not necessary.

Pines still use many of the same fields the scientists used for the whole food green powders they provided hospitals and doctors for theit research. Jason and others on the Pines' team still utilize one of their laboratories.  Steve Meyerowitz dedicated his definitive book on wheatgrass to the lead scientist, Charles Schnabel.  He called Schnabel was the "Father of Wheatgrass."   Ann Wigmore and other authors relied heavily on his data and praised his research in their wheatgrass books. In addition to producing our whole food powders using their growing and harvesting standards, we also follow their  packaging standards. We have never used plastic tubs or packets.  For 40 years, our efforts have been to duplicate the whole food green food powder used in the research.

PLASTIC VS PINES smaller tab compare

Pines also follows Schnabel's standards by packaging in amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen. That prevents loss of nutrients between bottling and when you first open the bottle. You can tightly seal the bottles with the metal caps between use for the freshest, most vibrant product possible.


The Most Nutrient Density Results in the Best Value

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered that only 10% of Americans eat enough dark green leafy vegetables to protect themselves from degenerative diseases. Since then, green superfoods in powders, tablets and capsules have become a great way to ensure you eat enough of these essential foods.

Even though any superfood powder is helpful in increasing plant-based nutrition, Pines' products provide the most nutrient-dense green powders. That means they provide the best value and the best results for your health. Pines provides green superfoods in powders that can be mixed with water, smoothies or other recipes.  Pines also produces convenient tablets and capsules.  All products are certified organic, gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and raw. They are available at leading natural food stores or through our online shopping cart.

Follow the advice of top athletes and trainers.  It doesn't matter how good of athlete you are, join with Jason and all the other athletes to add the highest quality, most vibrant, and most nutrient dense green superfoods possible. Choose Pines, the company that started it all more than 40 years ago.

WCEF For more than 40 years PINES' top priority has been environmental sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.