Recently retired as a SpartanRacer, the legendary Hobie Call participated in the Atlantic City BONEFROG race last weekend for his 50th first place finish in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Congratulations, Hobie!

During his career as a Spartan athlete, Hobie won more than 80% of the races he entered. Furthermore, he won the Spartan Race World Championships in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

SpartanRacer Hobie Reveals One of His Secrets

Hobie has used Pines Wheat Grass for many years.  As a result, he estimates he has gone through several hundred bottles of the largest (24 ounce) size of Pines Wheat Grass powder since becoming an athlete. Hobie prefers the powders, while other athletes prefer tablets or capsules. Both are great solutions, not only for athletes but for everyone. Research has shown most people do not eat enough dark green vegetables for good health and longevity.

Hobie Says Pines Contributes His Health

Hobie says, “Thank you Pines International for your exceptional Wheat Grass. The health required to continually win races as brutal as these is great. I contribute mine more to your products than anything else I eat. I have used your Wheat Grass for many years, and intend to continue for many more.”

Official Green Food of the Ironman Triathlon

Established in 1976, PINES was the Official Green Food of the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. PINES is the top choice of marathon runners, triathletes, bodybuilders and other high level performance athletes. With studies regarding the importance of dark green, leafy vegetables and the Nitric Oxide they provide, it is clear why so many athletes feel Pines gives them an edge.

Packaged Appropriately

All Pines products are packaged appropriately in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. This allows Pines to remove the oxygen from each bottle to protect from the nutritional deterioration that occurs with plastic or paper packaging. After opening, the metal caps allow the bottles to be tightly sealed between use to keep the products fresh.

With Pines, you receive the vegetable nutrition that is lacking in most diets, including high performance athletes, who seek more stamina, endurance and faster recovery.