Continuing a tradition beginning with our early 1990’s sponsorship of the IRONMAN Triathlon in Hawaii and IRONMAN Champion Greg Welch, and continuing with our ongoing support of Bill Bell (one of, if not the oldest IRONMAN finisher ever), PINES is now supporting local bicyclists in their quest for health and glory.

Founded by local bicycle racer and coach Jim Whittaker, Revolution Racing and Team GP VeloTek promote numerous free youth racing and adult bike races. Revolution Racing and Team GP VeloTek promote and encourage youth bicycling. They offer interested youth loaner bikes and cycling mentorships.

Team GP VeloTek’s motto: “If the kids wanna race, we’ll find ‘em bikes.”

Team GP VeloTek is actively recruiting youth and junior cyclists from around the Midwest. Team GP VeloTek is a Lawrence based team with riders all over Kansas and Missouri.

Visit www.revolution-racing.com for more information about area cycling events and www.velotek.com for youth cycling team information.