Danielle Lin's 2017 Interview with Pines' Founder - Part One

This is the first part of an interview between Ron Seibold and Danielle Lin.  Ron is a co-founder of the original green super food company.  Danielle founded the original health talk radio program.  Danielle, the founders of Pines and other New Age companies and stores helped build the natural foods market in the 1970s and 1980s.
In those early days, independent people owned most natural food stores and companies. They believed that foods tainted with farm poisons caused many health problems. Early trade shows for the natural foods market consisted of about 100 brands. About 1,000 people dedicated to organic farming came to the shows. Now, this past March, nearly 100,000 people attended the most popular show. The show promoted the brands from more than 10,000 companies at their booths.

Danielle Lin Shares our Disappointment

Pioneers like Danielle Lin and the founders of Pines feel disappointed about how disingenuous the natural food marketplace has become with regard to organic farming. Most companies no longer sincerely believe in sustainable concepts. Most support the fossil fuel industry and package in petrochemical plastic.  Many managers of stores on our locator believe in organic farming, but with most brands now owned by big GMO corporations, they really have no choice but to promote brands from monopolies that do not really believe in organic farming.
Brands owned by big GMO corps like Coke and Pepsi pretend to support organic farming for the organic brands they now own. Yet, nearly all other products and brands owned by them contain herbicide and pesticide residue. That's because most of their products are made from GMO ingredients, which contain unprecedented amounts of poisons. Those ingredients include high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as well as others made from GMO corn, soy and canola.  Sadly, GMO grains contain the highest levels of poison residue in human history.

No Dual Farming. We Only Grow Certified Organic Crops

Today, few 100% organic companies remain in the natural food marketplace.  Pines is one of them. All Pines' family farmers grow only 100% certified organic crops. That means we do not practice dual farming where a farmer grows both organic and non-organic crops. Moreover, we farm many organic fields within a two miles of where we package in oxygen-free glass bottles.


Jeff has worked for Pines for 12 years. He overseas the farming and wildlife management activity on more than 2,000 acres.

Earth-Friendly Oxygen-Free Glass Bottles - Never Petrochemical Plastic

Danielle Lin also shares with Pines the desire for our species to move away from fossil fuel. That part of the reason why Pines, has never packaged in plastic tubs or paper packets. Instead, we package all products in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. Besides being earth friendly, this safeguard allows us to remove the oxygen. As a result, we avoid the nutrition loss through oxidation that occurs with plastic tubs and paper packets.


Pine Tree is an International Symbol of the Peace in Nature

Pines is also the only Kansas grower of green superfoods that was established for the purpose of expanding organic agriculture.  We support sustainable living, environmental responsibility and feeding the hungry.  Our profits go toward those purposes.


For more than 40 years PINES' WCEF has supported environmental sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.

Find a Store Near You or Order Online

The Centers for Disease Control found that only one in ten people eat enough dark green vegetables to protect themselves from diseases common to modern society.  No matter how many vegetables you eat, you probably need to eat more.  Please use our store locator to find a location near you where you can buy Pines nutrient-dense products in oxygen-free, amber glass bottles or feel free to order online.