Earth Day is EVERY Day for the WheatGrass People at Pines!

All humans share in the damage to our planet, and we all need to do better.  Even so, we would like to brag a little. We would like you to know some things Pines does to make the Earth a better planet.

Since 1976, Pines has sought to teach people to eat more green veggies.  We promote our green superfoods as easy ways to eat more green at less cost than other dark green veggies.  Since 1976, we have used our profits to advance organic farming.

So far, Pines has converted 2,125 acres to USDA certified organic, consisting of both farmland and wildlife areas. We have also provided markets for other organic farmers.  They farm nearly 2,000 more acres.

Protect our Rivers and Streams

friends of the kaw - right

Our efforts provided more than half the funds for a permanent endowment.  It serves the Kansas' Waterkeeper program created by “Friends of the Kaw”. The interest from that fund pays and will pay the salary of a permanent Riverkeeper in perpetuity. The Kansas Riverkeeper patrols the river looking for pollution sources.  She also serves as a lobbyist for the River.  Further, she  conducts float trips and education programs.  Water is life, and we all need to protect the Earth's water.

Feeding the Hungry in the U.S. and Other Countries

plaque - right

Pines has made cash gifts to feeding program and non-profit environmental organizations.  We have given more than $135,000 in just the last eight years.  Since 1976, the amount is considerably more. In addition, we have contributed several million servings of greens to feeding programs worldwide during our more than 40 years.

We sent wheatgrass and other cereal grasses through feeding programs to Africa and the United States.  In recent years, we focused on Central America.   In particular, we have sent two shipments to poor people in Guatemala.

The church groups involved presented Pines with the plaque shown on the left.  It recognizes Pines as "The Humanitarian Company of the Year" for our efforts.

Despite our gifts and our quality earth-friendly glass bottles, Pines' products still cost less per serving than similar products. That includes those in plastic tubs as well as other leafy green veggies.

Promote Organic Farming and Educate about GMOs

cover for FB July 2017 - website - right

Pines stands in strong opposition to GMO farming. Since 2010, one of our Facebook pages supports stopping the poison in farming.  The page has more than 17,000 "likes". It educates about organic agriculture and the dangers of GMO farming.  We often upload posts about the dangers of herbicide and pesticide residue in GMO foods. We also encourage eating USDA Organic foods.

A Green Superfood Company that Cares About the Earth

no irrigation - right white

We are the only Kansas producer of wheatgrass and alfalfa that is 100% organic and 100% GMO free. Pines is the only Kansas farmer growing green superfoods without irrigation. We stand strongly opposed to the waste and poisoning of the ancient fossil water of the Ogallala Aquifer. Pines is the only green superfood producer in Kansas to use only natural rainfall for our crops. We are also the only Kansas grower using modern dryers built for organic human food.  We do not use old pesticide-based alfalfa mills built for the meat industry.

Standing Up Against Fossil Fuel Plastic

For website one- fixed rightPines opposes using plastic bottles and tubs to package green super foods. For more than 80 years, quality green super food brands are packaged in earth-friendly amber glass bottles. Those brands used special metal caps that allowed the company to remove the oxygen from each bottle.  That safeguard prevented nutrient and color loss for the product. It also prevented pollution from the plastic. Pines is the only green superfood company that still uses oxygen-free glass bottles. In recent years, most companies package in plastic tubs and bottles made from fossil fuel for green super foods. Plastic exposes the product to fossil fuel toxins. Further, plastic provides no protection against oxidation. Products in these cheap plastic bottles lose their green color and nutrition.

Together We Can Make a Difference

We seek to encourage everyone to take steps to protect the Earth. In our individual and collective lives, we all need to move toward sustainability and protection of land, wildlife and water resources.

Find Pines Products

The USDA says that 9 out of 10 people do not eat enough veggies.  Pines offer servings that are easy to consume and that cost considerably less per serving than other greens.  You can find Pines' green superfoods at a store near you with our locator.  You can also use our online shopping cart.