No Complex Blends. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean. Keep it Green!

Pines wants to keep it simple. We are sometimes asked why we don't develop a line of superfood “meals” like other brands with dozens of different veggies, fruits, herbs, chocolate, etc.

We see most such products as gimmicks. Many people want to believe that a long list of ingredients is a good thing.  In most cases, it is not.

Keep it Simple Means Not Adding Cheap Fillers

With dozens of ingredients, there is no way a consumer receives much of any one of them. Further, we don’t want to dilute our products. Pines' people work hard to grow our crops from planting the seed to harvest.  We harvest for peak nutrition. We don't want cheap fillers added. All our foods are gluten free, vegan, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher.

We think it would be a bad idea to dilute our high quality products.  Pines goes to great effort to grow our own crops.  We don't want to dilute our hard work with dozens of outsourced ingredients.  Most cheap fillers have much lower nutrition.  With very little regulation, ingredients can come from questionable sources.  Ingredients in the natural food market can change hands several times before mixing them into one of these blends .

Such blends can never have certifications like all Pines' products because many of the outsourced ingredients are not certified.  Further, adding all these other things takes away from the green color.  One expects green superfoods to be green.  But just look at the difference between Pines and other "green" superfoods in the picture below.  That's why we say "Keep it Green."


Spending More on Ads than Sourcing Good Ingredients

Despite flowery ads, companies to mix all this other stuff because the stuff costs considerably less. But the lower nutrition of this added stuff is why it takes 8 or more grams of one of these complex blends to equal the nutrition of a 3.5 gram serving of a green superfood from Pines.

Blending Prevents Checking Each Ingredient for Quality

Another problem with blends is you cannot inspect each ingredients. What was the color of the wheatgrass? Was it green? When a company mixes dozens of ingredients together, you cannot check each for quality.  You cannot check each item in it for color, flavor and aroma.

Besides using cheap "extras," these brands also use a cheap package.  For more than 80 years, quality brands always packaged in earth-friendly amber glass bottles with special metal caps. That allowed the company to remove the oxygen .  Pines is the only company that still does that.  Others use plastic. Fossil fuel produces plastic.  Plastic contains toxins. Further plastic provides no protection from loss of color and nutrition caused by oxidation.  Even if a brand is not a complex blend, if packaged in plastic, most nutrition has oxidized.  This photo shows the difference in color.  Please notice how Pines in oxygen-free glass bottles looks compared to plastic products. The plastic products claim to be the same as Pines:

PINES is only wheatgrass powder producer that is 100% organic, vegan friendly and truly committed to the environment. We use glass, NEVER plastic. Pines grows only 100% organic, vegan friendly crops.  We seek to be truly committed to the planet. We use glass, NEVER plastic.

Complex Blends Increase Possible Allergy Reactions

Some people may be allergic to one or more ingredients in these complex blends. Further, many nutritional experts caution against mixing some foods and herbs.

The prospect of one of the outsourced ingredients needing a recall is also a concern. We would rather package what we grow on our own farms. That way we can ensure growing, handling and testing by people we know and trust.

We produce single ingredient greens and very simple blends of nutrient-dense foods that we grow ourselves with limited outsourced ingredients. Our slogan is: Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean. Keep it Green!  Please use our locator to find a store near you or use our shopping cart.

Delicious Living announces Pines won the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any superfood. Delicious Living announces Pines won the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any superfood.