Green Duo Caps for Children and Those Who Don't Like Tablets

For children and those who have difficulty swallowing tablets, we have developed this outstanding green superfood blend so that six Green Duo Caps provide the nutrition of a full sized salad made from spinach or kale.

Green Duo Caps are a blend of WheatGrass and Alfalfa

Both are Certified Organic Pines grows both the Non-GMO Project Verified wheatgrass and alfalfa, the WORLD'S FIRST alfalfa to carry that logo! As the the original green superfood producer, our farmers grow the ONLY 100% organic whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa from Kansas.

The Most Nutrient-Dense Green Superfood

my plate - fixed leftGrown and harvested as we do, Green Duo Caps provide the the nutrition of dark-green veggies but in more concentration. As a result of the CDC studies, the USDA developed MyPlate. It shows that green vegetables should be our most important food.

Pines Wheat Grass is an easy way to increase your green nutrition. It costs much less per serving than equivalent veggies. A rounded teaspoon of powder in a smoothie contains the nutrition of a full serving of a veggies. Seven tablets also contain the nutrition of a serving of veggies such as kale or spinach. Because of our growing, harvesting and bottling standards, no other wheatgrass product is as nutrient dense as Pines. Pines Wheat Grass is a whole food. It is not a juice. Unlike juice Pines Wheat Grass is prebiotic and promotes probiotic bacteria to ensure colon health and full assimilation of nutrients.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

capsulesPines packages Green Duo Caps and other products in earth-friendly amber glass bottles. We use special metal caps so we can remove the oxygen. We are the only brands to do this. All brands should do it. This safeguard prevents loss of color and nutrition through oxidation that occurs with plastic bottles. Further, fossil-fuel-based plastic bottles contain toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, it not possible for stores to avoid products packaged in plastic. Even so, Sprouts makes a strong effort to provide glass alternatives for each kind of product. That's why every Sprouts Farmers Market carries Pines Wheat Grass in oxygen-free glass bottles!

Certified Organic & Non-GMO Project Verified 

For more than 40 years, Pines' strong commitment for organic agriculture made us leaders in the organic farming movement. Pines is the only 100% organic grower of whole food wheatgrass powder and tablets in Kansas. Pines does not practice "dual farming". The other Kansas producer harvests organic wheatgrass for a few weeks each spring. Then, they return to pesticide-based agriculture for the rest of the year. That's not the case with Pines. Everything we grow is certified organic, gluten free, Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified human food.
Pines does not believe in such dual farming where a farmer grows both organic and non-organic foods. Obviously, such farmers do not care about organic farming.  They grow organic part of the year and asl use pesticides on other crops. They seek to capitalize on the hard work of true organic farmers like Pines. Pines seeks to serve to the planet and its people. For more than 40 years, Pines has contributed food, funds and energy to environmental sustainability, organic farming and feeding programs.

Green Duo Capsules are Good for Your Body and the Planet

delicious - white to rightGreen Duo Caps are one of several nutrient-dense, pesticide-free vegetable products from Pines. When you use Pines products, you support both better health and true organic farming. At Pines, we do it all, from planting the seed to filling the bottles. In fact, our bottling and shipping facility is right across the road from one of our fields! Because of our commitment to quality, Delicious Living recognized Pines Green Superfoods with the 2017 Supplement Award.