Pines Provides Relief for Bahamas Hurricane Victims

Pines International is helping victims of Hurricane Dorian by donating green superfoods nutrition in the form of a pallet of Green Duo capsules. Many of those displaced by Dorian, the deadly category 5 storm that hit The Bahamas at the end of August, are still lacking basic needs such as housing and access to nutritious food.

Co-Founders Ron Seibold and Steve Malone, who started Pines 43 years ago in 1976, were behind the pallet donation, which contained 98 cases of Green Duo. That's 1,176 bottles at a retail price of $32.25 each or a total of $37,926 worth of dark green vegetable nutrition. Each bottle contains 43 servings of dark green veggies, with each serving equal to an equivalent serving of spinach, kale or other greens. That's means this pallet contains 50,568 servings of dark green vegetables.

See the people of the Bahamas accepting their Pines donation.  



The shipment is through the Children's Feeding Network, which is one of the organizations Pines has supported since it first started its food donation program to hungry and nutritionally-deficient people worldwide in 1980. Click here to see how Pines has assisted impoverished rural families in Guatemala and elsewhere.