Donation to Mountain Villages in Guatemala

Nine out of ten Americans are deficient in green food nutrition. It is often worse in some other countries. Traditional diets of impoverished rural families in Guatemala are often very deficient in dark green leafy vegetables. Such malnutrition can cause health to suffer. That's why Pines is sending a 360,000-capsule donation of Green Duo. This donation is the equivalent nutrition of 60,000 servings of spinach. 

The top picture shows Pastor Don Matison and Lane Franklin with the Children's Feeding Network. Assisting them is Jason Lewis from Pines.  They arranged for Hope of Life Ministry to distribute our donation.

This Donation is One of Many by Pines

We also donated to the same children three years ago.  It represented a three-year supply of three servings per day for 2,500 children.  The lower center picture shows Pastor Don distributing the wheatgrass.  As a result of that donation, the Global Medical Fund recognized Pines as the “Humanitarian Company of the Year.” 

Millions of Servings of Greens

During our 40 years, Pines has contributed a portion of our harvests to international feeding programs. We have sent millions of servings to malnourished poor people in Africa, Central America and the United States.

In addition, our foundation makes financial contributions each year to feeding programs in local Kansas communities. We recognize that with adequate nutrition, many health conditions can be reversed and prevented.

Pines was the original green superfood company. We introduced our first product, Pines Wheat Grass, in 1976. Since then, we continue to be the only company to follow standards established by Dr. Charles Schnabel in 1937. Because of his efforts, Schnabel is widely known as "the father of wheatgrass."

Schnabel's standards include packaging in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. With those containers, we can remove the oxygen from each bottle. Because most products that try to copy our success use plastic containers and packets, they suffer nutrient and color loss. That does not occur when oxygen is removed. Further, by following Schnabel's growing and harvesting standards, Pines greens are much more nutritious even before packaging.

green duo donation