Pets Need Pines Wheat Grass and our Other Green Super Foods, too!

Have you noticed how pets like dogs and cats munch on grass to increase the greens in their diet? Doctors and nutritionists tell us that we need to eat more green. Dogs and cats seem to instinctively know that they need more green veggies in their diets. Research supports their instincts.

Animal Research Indicates Your Pets Will Thrive

When Schnabel and other scientists researched wholefood cereal grass powders during the 1930s and 1940s, they studied both humans and animals. The scientists’ used all sorts of animals.  Those included including exclusively vegetarian animals such as laboratory mice, guinea pigs and cattle.  It also included more carnivorous animals such dogs and cats. The results were always phenomenal, no matter which animal was studied. Both animals and humans showed obvious improvements in general health. Further, some research on specific disease conditions showed remarkable improvement when this nutritious food was added to diets.

Jack's Story:



This is Jack. He lives on one of Pines’ organic family farms. Notice his shiny coat. This characteristic of improved fur condition was documented for all animals in Schnabel’s studies. Besides healthy fur, results also included noticeable improvements in all areas of health with less disease, clearer eyes, healthier skin and, for females, larger litters with less infant mortality along with with more and richer milk.              

Remi's Story:

remi-334x407 Remi is in her 16th year and is the picture of health. The WheatGrass Girl, Rachel, gives Remi a serving of Pines Wheat Grass each day. Rachel has also discovered the health benefits of Pines Wheat Grass in her own daily diet. As a result, Rachel became Pines’ “educator.” She travels the United States working with stores, brokers and demo people telling her story about Pines' products. After his research, many medical doctors and veterinarians recommended patients include Dr. Schnabel’s dark green superfoods in their diets, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Many doctors and veterinarians nowadays, who teach nutrition, now also recommend Pines’ products for the same reasons.      

Pines' People Use Pines and So Do Their Pets

Most of the families that make up Pines International have household pets. Some also have farm animals. Nearly all make sure both they and their animals consume servings of Pines green superfoods. All are healthier as a result. We also hear each year from many customers who include Pines green super foods in the diets of all members of their family, including of their pets.

How to Get Pines' Greens into Your Pet's Diet

It’s easy to add any of Pines green super food products to your pet’s meal. Depending on size, mix a teaspoon or tablespoon with a liquid to pour over dry food. You can also blend it directly with wet food. Some dogs and cats will eat the tablets as a treat, and of course strictly vegetarian animals such as guinea pigs and gerbils will eagerly eat these dark green vegetable products in any form, especially the tablets. Most animals, including humans, enjoy the taste of Pines products. The wheatgrass in them does not have the foul taste and strange smell that often occurs when wheatgrass is grown quickly and unnaturally in crowded indoor tray conditions.

Grown As Nature Intends Using Scientific Standards

All Pines products are grown outdoors in glacial soils in their appropriate climate according to Dr. Schnabel’s standards. Those standards include growing wheatgrass and other cereal grasses slowly through the winter in often-freezing temperatures for harvest at the special “jointing stage” in the early spring. This special stage in the plant’s growth is when Schnabel and other scientists found the highest nutritional level, including the important growth and reproductive factors, all of which will bring you and your family, including your pets, to vibrant health.

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my plate - fixed right Pets thrive on Pines and so will you! The Centers for Disease Control found that only one in ten people eat enough dark green veggies. They also found dark green veggies protect us from disease common to modern society.  That's why the USDA food plate (at left) made veggies the most important food group. No matter how many vegetables you eat, you probably need more.  PINES products cost less than other vegetables, provide more nutrition. In addition, we won the Taste of Life Award!  Please use our store locator to find a location near you where you can buy Pines. Also, feel free to order online.