Get The Glowdown Features Pines

Influencers Sloane Elizabeth and Anne Rooke from "Get The Glowdown" Podcast just interviewed Pines Co-Founder Ron Seibold about the "Magic of WheatGrass." You can find the podcast here.

The podcast discusses everything from how Pines goes the extra mile in its non-GMO, Certified Organic farming practices (no irrigation), to explaining the health benefits of wheatgrass. Seibold explains why wheatgrass shots are not a good idea and why. He also gives a complete history of wheatgrass and how Pines is uniquely tied to the Father of the World's First Multivitamin, Dr. Schnabel, whose original lab is located on Pines property today in Lawrence, Kansas. Using commercially dehydrated wheatgrass, Dr. Schnabel, developed the world's first multivitamin and called it “Cerophyl."

Seibold also explains why Pines products are packaged to stay fresh longer than any other WheatGrass products on the market. Learn more about Pines WheatGrass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa and other products

Anna and Sloane met a few years ago on Instagram. They lived in the same area and became friends over their shared love for health and wellness. While they're not interviewing health and wellness personalities for "Get The Glowdow," Sloane works full time as a self love and food freedom coach, and Anna works at a health optimization center, with plans to go back to school to study naturopathic medicine. "We both love health and wellness and we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk with more people in the field and learn as much as we can," Anna says.  

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