Harvest Market Refuses GMOs & Demos Pines

Founded in 1995, @HarvestMarket provides Hockessin, Delaware, with a broad selection of wholesome foods and related products. Now, in their third location, they offer one of the region’s best selections of natural foods.  In 2013, they opened the Harvest Market Kitchen. It produces a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, sides, sweets and more. Everything is made from scratch with the same high quality foods sold in the rest of the store.

Harvest Market’s product guidelines are strict. Like many independent natural foods stores, they do not sell foods with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They emphasize the broadest selection of organically grown foods. They also stock and emphasize locally produced and fair trade products.

No Longer Stocking Foods Containing GMO Ingredients

Foods produced though genetic modification (GMO’s) are now common in our food supply. They contain the highest levels of herbicides and pesticides in human history. As a result, Harvest Market announced it will no longer add new foods containing GMO ingredients.

That commitment to clean products is why Harvest Market carries Pines Wheat Grass and our other green superfoods. Pines is Kansas' only 100% organic, GMO-free grower of whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa as natural foods.  A leader in the organic foods movement since 1976, Pines never uses herbicides or pesticides on any of our crops.  All our products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten free and raw. Further, Pines grows the only whole food alfalfa for humans that is Non-GMO Project Verified.  Pines has nearly 20,000 followers on a Facebook page dedicated to education about organic farming and the dangers of GMOs.

For over 40 years, Pines continues to be 100% organic 

More than 100 small investors started the company in 1976.  They saw the company as a means to convert more farmland to certified organic and to support sustainable development. Further, they wanted to see the company support environmental causes and feeding programs. The stockholders invested an average of $200 each. Rather than expecting a big return on their investment, they supported the company because they believed in the ideals. They chose the Pine tree as the logo because it is an internationally-recognized symbol of the peace found in nature.


For more than 40 years PINES' WCEF priority has been environmental sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.

The Ogallala Aquifer is Now Depleted and Contaminated

We are 100% organic and the only Kansas wheatgrass and alfalfa producer never to be a part of the confined animal meat industry.  In addition, we are also the only greens producer for the natural product marketplace from Kansas to grow our cereal grasses and alfalfa in appropriate areas that do not require irrigation.

As a result, we do not use the contaminated and nearly depleted ground water from the Ogallala Aquifer. Furthermore, for 40 years, we have opposed abuse, waste and contamination this once-pristine fresh water resource in support of the meat and ethanol industries.

no irrigation

We follow the standards of the father of wheatgrass

Pines is the only green food producer whose bottling and shipping facility is located right next to some of the fields where we grow our crops. We do it all from planting the seed to bottling the finished product. We follow the standards for the medical research that inspired Ann Wigmore, Steve Meyerowitz and other authors.

Charles Schnabel established those standards in 1937. The late Steve Meyerowits called him "the father of wheatgrass" in the dedication of his popular book, "Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine." Schnabel led the scientific team that produced the research praised by Ann Wignore. Because of that research, she recommended the use of wheatgrass in the diet. Schnabel produced his famous whole food wheatgrass powder in the same location still used by Pines. We still operate one of his laboratories and utilize many of the same fields.

lab sign Pines still operates one of the laboratories used by Charles Schnabel and his team of scientists for the research praised by Ann Wigmore and other authors.

Pines still operates one of the laboratories used by Charles Schnabel and his team of scientists for the research praised by Ann Wigmore and other authors.

Pines also follows Schnabel's packaging standards. We use amber glass bottles with special metal caps. That allows us to remove the oxygen from each bottle.


Oxygen causes green superfoods in plastic bottles & packets to lose their nutritional value even before you purchase them. Only Pines packages correctly.

Because of this safeguard, our products do not oxidize and lose potency. We do not cut costs by packaging our green superfoods in plastic tubs or packets. That kind of packaging allows nutritional loss and color. Instead of brilliant green, vegetable powders in plastic tubs become grey or yellow.

comparison close

Our standards and sincere commitment to organic farming are why Harvest Market reommends Pines' green superfoods to increase the dark green, leafy vegetables in your diet.

Pines' Green Superfoods are Organic and Non GMO

All Pines' products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and Kosher. They are available at leading natural food stores or direct through our shopping cart.


Harvest Market Helps Educate Consumers on Antioxidant Foods

Regardless of how a vegetable is grown or packaged, as long is it is grown without herbicides and pesticides, it is good. We need all darkly pigmented foods possible in our diets. Pines specializes in the highest quality darkly pigmented superfoods so that you can achieve greater results with less product.

Both Harvest Market and Pines seek to convince consumers to eat certified-organic, darkly-pigmented fruits and vegetables. We both recognize that the Centers for Disease Control and nearly all health professionals say these vegetables should be the main part of our diets.  Research shows they protect us all from the diseases common to modern humans, but nine out of ten people do not eat the recommended amount.  Pines green superfoods are economical and convenient ways to increase your green food consumption.