Coach & Trainer Makes Pines His Top Choice

A martial arts coach and certified trainer recommends Pines. Coach Elijah is the inventor of the StripperBody Workout. He says this about Pines Wheat Grass:

"I am a trainer and coach of models, dancers and bodybuilder. My coaching also includes Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing athletes. I also train everyday people. In my opinion, nutrient-dense vegetables allow for muscle recovery and maintaining immune systems. Pines grows nutrient-dense vegetables such as Pines Wheat Grass tablets (for on the go) and Pines Wheat Grass powder or Mighty Greens powder (for home/gym shake recipes).

"Whether you train or not, your immune system’s strength determines how fast you heal and recover from colds, stress, flu, injuries and diseases. That's why you need to eat your vegetables. Follow the wheatgrass people's website and find great tasting recipes with Pines Wheat Grass and their other green superfoods. Pines CAN HELP increase your green nutrition."

Follow the Coach and Eat More Dark Green Veggies!

Research by the Centers for Disease Control show that nine out of ten people do not eat enough wholefood, leafy-green veggies. Besides providing missing nourishment, wholefood veggies are prebiotic, which improves colon health.  That's because wholefood veggies contain fiber and support good bacteria needed for proper digestion. Dark pigment in foods such as Pines' green superfoods also increase the body's nitric oxide levels. That's why, as a coach, Elijah tells his clients to use Pines. We all need eat more greens, especially athletes for increased stamina, endurance and recovery time.

Dedicated to a Better Planet and Feeding the Hungry

Established more than 40 years ago by more than 100 people (average $200 each), we use the Pine tree as our logo and name. That's because, the Pine tree symbolizes the peace found in nature. Unlike other pesticide-based farmers in Kansas with an "organic sideline," only 100% organic farmers grow for Pines.

Pines grows and harvests in using scientific standards. Instead of using plastic bottles made from fossil fuel, Pines uses special oxygen-free glass bottles. We also use modern organic-only, stainless steel driers, designed for human food. Unlike other growers, we do not use animal feed driers designed for the confined-animal, meat industry. From the beginning, Pines has used profits to further organic farming, sustainability and feeding the hungry.

WCEF For more than 40 years PINES' WCEF  has promoted sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.

Eat More Veggies With Pines' Green Superfoods

Pines provide servings of green veggies that cost less per serving than other greens. They are easy to use and available at natural foods stores or online.  Please use or locator to find a store near you.  If you prefer, you can also order online using our shopping cart.  Follow the advice of Coach Elijah, and realize that you probably should eat more veggies. Pines makes it easy to do that.