Alfalfa from Pines is the First Non-GMO Project Verified

Alfalfa has been around for so long that it’s “root” name comes from the Arabic, which means “father of all foods.” And while we made fun use of the word, the roots of the plant can grow down in soil more than 30 feet. They extend deep into the earth to reveal a host of nutrients—all of them good for us.

Most Farmers Grow GMO Alfalfa 

In order to control weeds, farmers started changing over to GMO. Now, they can spray GMO alfalfa with Round Up herbicide to prevent weeds and grasses. Do you really want to consume weed killer poison? The people at Pines do not want any poison in their products. That's why all their crops are Non-GMO Project Verified. Because so many farmers now grow GMO alfalfa, Pines worked hard to obtain the non-GMO status. Pines was the first to achieve this with the Project.  As of this writing, Pine is still the only whole food grower for humans that is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Harvest and Storage Makes Us Unique

For website one- fixed right Most alfalfa on the market is not only Non-GMO but is also nothing more than ground up hay. Hay uses the sun to dry the plants. It sits drying on the ground for several days before gathered into bales. After that, it can sit for months before companies grind it for powder and tablets. This picture on the left shows the difference in color between Pines alfalfa tablets and other alfalfa tablets on the market: Pines harvests its alfalfa as it does its wheatgrass and barley grass. Special machines harvest it and put it in a holding tank on the machine. Pines freshly harvested greens never touch the ground. We dry them at low temperatures within an hour after harvest. Pines then stores pellets made from the dried leaves in freezers until ready for conversion into tablets and powder for the bottles. We never uses plastic bottles. Such cheap bottles causes the products to lose nutrition. Instead, Pines uses amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen.  Over time, oxygen in bottles greatly lower nutritional value of products packaged in plastic and packets. Taking any alfalfa  can’t hurt, but for maximum benefit, look carefully at bottle and the color of the product. It can mean the difference between very little food value and lots of it.  Further, since the Non-GMO Project verified our alfalfa as the only non-GMO kind,  others can contain Round Up residue. Pines offers high potency alfalfa as a source of the antioxidant Vitamin A as beta carotene. It also contains folic acid, as well as calcium, iron and vitamins C and K.

Leaf is not the Same as Sprouts

When you see the word ‘alfalfa,’ you may think about the sprouts we add to salads. Although some value exist in these nearly translucent wisps, the mature plant provides much more.  Alfalfa leaf supplies a more complex source of nutrients and rich chlorophyll.  It comes from the dark green leaves of the established plant. The plant grows to a height of several feet outdoors in soil. Alfalfa is unique as a leafy green vegetable because it is a legume. Legumes contain up to 8% saponins. Lima beans, soy beans, navy beans, broad beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and green peas, as well as garlic, also contain them.

A Long History of Use

Alfalfa, like soy beans and some other basic foods, goes back 6,000 years. And because of its food value, those who feed cattle, horses and other livestock worldwide depend on it. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, both farmers before and after running our country, grew acres of it Today, farmers grow alfalfa on 23 million acres from coast to coast.  It represents the nation’s fourth largest acreage crop. Most of it goes for hay and pellets used for animal feed. PINES serves as the only 100% organic producer that is Non-GMO Verified. We use dryers built for organic human food, not equipment designed for the pesticide-based animal feed for the meat industry. PINES provides the only vegan-friendly cereal grass and alfalfa sold in the natural foods marketplace. In addition to the Pines brand, several other green superfood companies source their greens from Pines. Quality brands want to avoid low-grade greens and products related to the meat industry. If you use another green superfood brand besides Pines, contact the company to make sure they source from Pines and not from animal feed operations.  If they give us permission, we will confirm that they source from us. no irrigation - right white Pines is the only 100% organic source of green superfoods in Kansas. We are the only Kansas grower to use 100% organic facilities built for human food, not built for pesticide-based animal feed used by the meat industry.  We grow our crops using natural rainfall, not with irrigation used by other Kansas producers.  Their use of this precious ground water for animal feed during more than 70 years has drained the aquifer and contaminated it with farm poisons.

Except for GMO Poisons, Alfalfa is good for the Soil

Alfalfa helps convert atmospheric nitrogen into forms on which other plants can thrive. It facilitates soil conservation by reducing erosion, creates a wildlife habitat for animals, including some endangered ones.  Its flowers help bees produce the top honey crop in the U.S. If you’re in the market (and you should be) check out alfalfa products at your health food store. As you read the labels, note that PINES offers the only certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified alfalfa leaf anywhere. Founded in 1976, PINES International is a successful natural products company, still owned by the original founders and families.  You will find PINES Wheat and Barley Grass tablets and powders and other premium products in over 7,000 health food stores nationwide. We export to more than 20 countries.

We Care about You and the Environment

PINES grows, harvests & packages its products with the utmost care and focus on creating and protecting maximum nutritional value. Beyond that, Pines seeks to have very little negative impact on the planet. Where possible, Pines seeks to restore and protect land damaged by the shortsighted farming and development by others.

Find a Store Near You or Order Online

Use our locator to find a store near you or feel free to order online with our shopping cart.  Pines offers the only green superfoods packaged appropriately in oxygen free amber glass bottles.  We are also the only Kansas grower to follow scientific standards for growing and harvesting alfalfa and the only one that uses natural rainfall rather than contaminated ground water and further depleting the Ogallala aquifer.