Composite photo of the statue of Liberty with a flag and fireworks in the background. Given a grunge overlay for a nice aged effect. Nice patriotic image for Independence Day Memorial Day Veterans Day and Presidents Day.

July 4th, 1976, was the celebration of America’s Bicentennial. On its 200th Anniversary, America had just been though the longest war in our history. Many Americans had become disillusioned and cynical about the free enterprise system.

It was against this backdrop that more than 100 individuals and families joined together in 1976 to build a new kind of company that would give the common man a chance. None of the stockholders were wealthy. The average investment was $200. They took a gamble by investing in an idea for a company that promised to put planetary responsibility above profits.

Their investment also supported goals of organic farms and sustainable communities made possible by Pines Wheat Grass, an economical and convenient way for people to increase their daily servings of the health-giving and-disease fighting power of nutrient-dense, dark green, leafy vegetables.

During the first year, the two-co-founders, Steve Malone and Ron Seibold, walked into more than 2,000 health food stores in 35 States, educating the natural food marketplace about the high nutritional value of‪ wheatgrass. The two men didn’t know at the time that they were starting what would become a plethora of green superfoods that now is a major category in natural food stores.

The stockholders of Pines are delighted that the message of “eat more green” has become a mainstream dietary consideration for healthy people and those trying to return to good health. Although many of Pines’ customers prefer tablets or capsules, other customers mix the powders with juice or smothies or simply mix stevia-sweetened Mighty Greens with water for a clean and refreshing beverage.

The people of Pines wish everyone a happy and healthy Independence Day as we celebrate what the American people have accomplished in bringing more democracy, freedom and liberty to the world.