Quality Stores Carry the Original Green Superfoods from Pines

Evidence mounts that people in modern societies are deficient in dark green leafy vegetables.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered only 10% of the U.S. population eat enough. They also found vegetables provide protection from the diet-related, degenerative diseases now epidemic in modern societies. As a result, the United States Department of Agriculture developed "My Plate." This graphic helps consumers understand the proportions of food they should eat for vibrant good health. My Plate says we need more vegetables than any other food.

Phenomenal Growth through 40 Years of Quality Greens

As the original green superfood established in 1976, Pines grows nutrient-dense, dark-green vegetables. We provide the consumer with economical and convenient ways to ensure enough of the quality vegetable nutrition the CDC says is missing from modern diets. Major natural food chains such as as Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Shoppe, PCC, Fresh Vitamins and Fresh Thyme carry Pines.  Thousands of smaller local chains and independents also carry Pines.


Pines experienced tremendous growth in recent years. In fact, we sold more bottles during the first quarter of 2017 than any quarter in our 40-year history!  We add dozens of new quality-minded stores to our store locator each month. You will find Pines at any natural food store that truly cares about environmental responsibility, quality and value.


All stores in the chains in the picture carry Pines. So do most independent stores and smaller chains. Unfortunately, in recent years, a few other stores moved away from glass bottles like those used by Pines for their green food powders. Instead, they favor products in less expensive plastic and paper packaging for a larger profit margin.

Pines is Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability and Quality

Because of our strong commitment to the environment and quality, we disagree with the values of stores that do not stock Pines. They do not offer the option of the highest quality green superfoods to their customers. We have never and will never use plastic or paper packaging. That's because research clearly shows that green superfoods should be packaged in amber glass bottles with special metal caps so that the oxygen can be removed.

We are the only green superfood producer to do that. Our use of glass bottles with special metal caps is the only kind of packaging that can allow the oxygen to be removed. By removing oxygen, the contents are sealed in an oxygen-free atmosphere. That prevents loss of nutrition and color which occurs with greens in plastic tubs and packets.


Grown in Appropriate Areas with Adequate Rainfall

We are also the only green superfood producer that grows our greens in appropriate areas that receive plenty of natural rainfall. We do not need irrigation, so we do not depend on contaminated and nearly-depleted ground water sources. Our facilities are vegan-friendly and are used only for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten free human food. Unlike other producers, we did not build our facilities for the confined-animal meat industry. Instead, all our growers are 100% organic farm families. If you are vegan, when you purchase Pines, you are not supporting factory-farming, agribusiness or the meat industry.

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Plastic Tubs Create Illusion of Being Bigger than Glass Jars

For more than 80 years, all green superfood producers packaged in earth-friendly, amber glass, oxygen-free bottles. In recent years, petrochemical plastic tubs became popular packaging. Although products packaged using plastic made from fossil fuel are cheaper to produce, plastic tubs create an illusion of being bigger than they are. They are often only half full, but their short and wide profile gives the appearance of containing more green superfood than a completely full tall glass bottle. 

Perception is often misleading. That's why when you do the math, products packaged in plastic made from petrochemicals often cost more per serving than Pines' green superfoods in earth-friendly, sustainable glass. Considering oxidation and quality of ingredients, the value of plastic products is even further reduced.

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Support Stores that Care about Our Environment

Please use our store locator to shop at stores that carry Pines.  If your favorite store does not carry Pines, we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope you will ask them to carry our products and that you will find another source until they do. We urge you to support natural food stores that appreciate quality, value and environmental sustainability.