Pines' Trademark Infringed by Coke!

UPDATE: Our litigation with Suja over the use of our registered Mighty Greens trademark has been settled! Suja has agreed to change the name of its product.  ******************************************************************************************** Pines registered the trademark Mighty Greens® in 1996. It is on the right.  A competing product from Suja is on the left using Pines’ Mighty Greens® trademark. Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs are the major investors in Suja. Coke is the 5th largest GMO Company in the World. Goldman Sachs is the bank that used a taxpayer bailout for bonuses. Pines is composed of small organic farmers and has been a 100% organic for more than 40 years.  Pines is very strongly against GMO farming and frequently posts on Facebook against it. Obviously, a GMO company stealing our registered trademark is an outrage! These massive monopolies refuse to respect our property. They refuse to rename their product. Instead, THEY ARE SUING US! They are demanding free use of our trademark and demanding WE PAY their attorneys’ fees!

How can they do that?

Coke and Goldman invested $150 million cash into Suja. As a result of that cash infusion, Suja quickly went from a small company like Pines to being in nearly every grocery store in America. Suja's juice is nearly identical and uses our trademark. They say they have a right to use it because they now sell more products! The two products are very similar in use and description.  For example, Pines' Mighty Greens is packaged in a tightly-sealed glass bottle and is composed of cereal grass and alfalfa.  You simply mix the powder with water or juices such as apple, celery or cucumber.  On the other hand, Coke/Goldman/Suja's product is cereal grass and alfalfa prepared in juice form and is packaged in a plastic bottle.  The only major difference between the two products is Suja Juice costs four times more per serving than the real Mighty Greens. Both are often sold in the same stores!

Please share our outrage

How do you feel about massive GMO corporations with a hundred thousand times more revenue stealing registered trademarks from small companies?  Suja Juice is now using the same promo message for its infringed product that PPines Mighty Greens used for the last years 20 years   Further, similar ingredients are in the Coke product from Suja!  Thank you for your support in speaking out against this outrage.