Happy New Year - Wishing you the Best in Health

On behalf of the shareholders and employees of Pines International, we wish you all the best for health, joy and a happy new year.

An Easy Way for You to Achieve 2018 Resolutions

Many people start the New Year with a resolve to improve their health.  They want to get more exercise. They want a better diet. Studies show that 9 out of 10 people are green food deficient. Studies also show that those who eat plenty of greens have less of the diet-related disease common to modern humans. That makes sense when you consider that other primates with very similar digestive systems eat diets that are almost exclusively dark green, leafy foods. These animals in the wild do not share our diet-related disease.  Pines can help you increase you green food nutrition with our choices of low cost and easy-to-use green super food powders, capsules and tablets.  Each serving of Pines is equal to a USDA serving of a green vegetable.

The Original Green Superfood Company

Pines was the company that coined the term, “green super food.”  Our first product, Pines Wheat Grass, established green super foods as a product category in the natural food market.  We started Pines nearly 42 years ago in 1976. Our people wanted not only to provide foods that would support better health, but also to expand organic farming and sustainable communities.  More than 100 people invested an average of $200 because they believed in our goals. As a bicentennial company, we wanted to prove that common people can join together to start an international company. We wanted our profits to go to support expansion of organic farming, environmental causes and feeding the hungry.  We have done that.  Our 2017 gifts to these causes and our projects in previous years are reported here.

Accomplishing our Goals

Pines continues to achieve our goals.  Because of those goals, our certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, Kosher, vegan products are found in more than 20 countries.  Further, we have directly converted nearly 2,000 acres to certified organic. In addition, we have helped other farmers to become organic on about 2,000 more acres.  Unlike our competition, we are 100% organic. Therefore, we do not grow both organic and non-organic products.  We feel that practice of "dual farming" is wrong because such farmers are not sincere about organic farming.  That’s why our 100% organic family farmers work hard to treat the earth with respect and provide quality food, not contaminated with chemical poisons.

Best Wishes to Everyone for a Happy and Healthy 2018

For those who have made Pines’ products a staple your diet, we thank you.  For those who seek good health, we commend you.  And for everyone, we wish you the best of peace, joy love, prosperity, happiness and health in the new year.