Capsules Filled With Nutrient-Dense Greens

Thanks to @livingcleanwchristine for the picture of her favorite Pines' product, Green Duo Capsules. Christine is a clean living educator, natural products consultant and a guest speaker in Kansas City. We hope you already use Pines Wheat Grassour main product for the last 40 years. Even so, you may want to also try our new capsules. They are filled with a 50/50 blend of Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified wheatgrass and alfalfa.  This new product is called Green Duo.  It is also available in powder.

Whether Capsules, Tablets or Powder - Eat More Green

Studies show that 9 out of 10 people do not eat enough dark green leafy vegetables.  Research also shows that we need adequate vegetable nutrition.  That's because those nutrients protect our bodies from diet-related disease. If you or someone you know doesn't eat as much leafy green food as nutritionists (and even governments) recommend, Pines has solutions.  Pines provides economical and convenient means to increase you green food nutrition in several different powders, tablets and capsules. Pines Wheat Grass was the original green superfood in the modern natural foods marketplace.  For 40 years, Pines green superfoods are the only ones grown in accordance with the scientific standards. Those standards were established by Charles Schnabel.  His research determined the best ways for growing, harvesting and packaging green superfoods. Authors such Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Steve Meyerowitz praised Schnabel's research. Meyerowitz called him, "The Father of Wheatgrass." In fact, he dedicated his popular book, "Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine" to Schnabel.

Vegetable Nutrition You Need Without a Whole New Diet

Green Duo Capsules help lower food costs. They also increase vegetable disease prevention.  They are easy to swallow. As a result, children have no excuse for not eating their greens. The contents in the capsules swell in liquid about eight times in size. They provide nutritious servings of two of the most nutrient-dense dark green, leafy vegetables.

Avoid Complex Blends in Plastic Containers

Food blends in plastic bottles lose nutrition because plastic is very inappropriate packaging.  We package all Pines' greens in accordance with Dr. Schnabel's standards.  We use amber glass bottles with special metal caps.  As a result, we can remove the oxygen.  Without oxygen, our products remain as fresh as the day they were packaged.  They still have the color, flavor and nutritional-density that is lost with plastic tubs and packets. We specialize in single ingredients and simple blends of only a few ingredients.  When companies mix dozens of ingredients, the quality of individual ingredients cannot be known.  Dark colored ingredients such as chocolate can be used to hide brown or yellow "greens."

100% Organic and Vegan Friendly

Pines is also the only green superfood producer that is 100% organic. We grow our foods on many of the same fields used by Schnabel and bottle them right across the road from one of them.  That field is also right across the road from one of Schnabel's laboratories. Most other companies obtain their ingredients from animal feed dehydrators. Their facilities produce organic greens for a few weeks in the early spring. During the rest of the year, they produce pesticide-based animal feed. Some have supplied animal feed for the meat industry for more than 60 years. At Pines, we produce organic, Non-GMO Verified human food using clean modern equipment. We have never and will never support factory farming and confining animals for slaughter by the meat industry.