Your Privacy and Security

The Short Version

  • We do not share, trade, or sell your personal information.
  • We only use your phone number for questions about your order.
  • We may send you paper catalog updates, sale flyers or emails. 
  • We will not save your credit card information when you order online.

Mmmm, Cookies

We do use cookie technology. Cookies are pieces of information planted on your computer by our web server. These cookies are used for shopping cart identification. Shopping baskets are created and stored on our web server. The cookie identifies which shopping basket belongs to each individual customer.

By default, of course, our website collects personally identifiable information about you when you order. We do not, however, save your credit card information. In fact, when you order online, no one at PINES International will see your credit card number, as it is sent directly to the credit card processor, not to us (like when you swipe your credit card at the gas pump.)

In case you missed it the first time, we do not share, trade, or sell your personal information.