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The Vitamin Cottage in Littleton, Colorado was the first natural food store in the United States to carry Pines Wheat Grass. For more than 40 years, Natural Grocers has supported Pines International.  Now, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage has announced it will also carry Pines’ new product, Green Duo.  Green Duo is a nutrient-dense blend of wheatgrass and alfalfa.  Those are two of the most nutrient-dense vegetables known to man.  Like all Pines products, this new green superfood provides dark green leafy vegetation. That’s exactly what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) say are lacking in 90% of diets.

As a result of the CDC studies, the USDA developed MyPlate to show that vegetables should be the most important food in our diets. CDC research indicates vegetables help protect us from degenerative disease. Their research indicates those diseases can result from too much processed foods and not enough dark green vegetables. All Pines’ green superfoods, including Green Duo, are economical and convenient ways to increase your dark green, leafy vegetable nutrition. You will find Pines nutrient dense vegetable powders at Natural Grocers and other stores on our locator.


Vitamin Cottage was First to Carry Pines

Pines became the original green superfood company when it introduced Pines Wheat Grass in 1976. Pines’ good friend and the co-founder of the Vitamin Cottage was the late Margaret Isely. She brought Pines Wheat Grass into her store and taught us about the natural food marketplace. She went on to be President of the National Nutritional Foods Association. Over the years, her family expanded Vitamin Cottage’s Natural Grocers to more than 130 stores in 19 States west of the Mississippi River.




Natural Grocers Prefers Earth-Friendly Packaging

Pines is the only green superfood company in the natural food marketplace to package in earth-friendly amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen from each bottle.  This prevents the loss of color and nutrition through oxidation that occurs with plastic bottles. Further, the contents of plastic bottles may be contaminated by the fossil fuel used to make the containers. Unfortunately, it is difficult for any natural food store to avoid carrying supplements packaged in plastic. Even so, Natural Grocers makes a strong effort to provide a glass bottle alternative for every supplement they sell.


PINES is only wheatgrass powder producer that is 100% organic, vegan friendly and truly committed to the environment. We use glass, NEVER plastic.

PINES is the only 100% organic and vegan-friendly producer of whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa powder in the natural food marketplace. We are sincerely committed to the environment and sustainable agriculture. We have always used oxygen-free glass bottles, NEVER plastic.



The ONLY Non-GMO Project Verified Alfalfa Powder

Natural Grocers shares Pines’ strong commitment for sustainable organic agriculture. Like Pines, Natural Grocers is opposed to GMOs. Natural Grocers’ stores do not carry products with GMO ingredients.


Pines is the only 100% organic grower of wheatgrass and alfalfa powders.  We do not practice “dual farming.” Other growers produce organic for only a few weeks a year. Then they return to pesticide-based agriculture for the rest of the year. Everything we grow is certified organic, gluten free, Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified human foods.  Our alfalfa is the only whole food alfalfa powder for humans that is verified by the Non-GMO Project.


Green Duo is Good for Your Body and the Planet

Green Duo a wonderful pesticide-free vegetable. It is a great combination for your health and for organic agriculture. The two crops enrich the soil in different ways to provide a perfect balance for sustainable crop rotation.  As a result, when you use Green Duo and other Pines products, you support better health for yourself and true organic farming for the planet.  At Pines, we do it all, from planting the seed to filling the bottles.  In fact, our bottling and shipping facility is right across the road from one of our fields!  Because of our commitment to quality, Delicious Living recognized Pines Green Superfoods with the 2017 Supplement Award.


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NO IRRIGATION for Pines’ Green Superfoods 

We grow our wheatgrass and alfalfa in appropriate climates and locations that do not require irrigation. Pines is the only grower of green superfoods for the natural food marketplace that does not rely on ground water.  Because our fields receive plenty of natural rainfall, they do not need irrigation. By contrast, others grow irrigated wheatgrass and alfalfa in dry parts of Kansas that require irrigation.
These other growers also have used irrigation to grow pesticide-based animal feed, mostly for the meat industry, during for the past 70 years. These and other abuses by agribusiness abuse threaten our fresh water resources.  Agribusiness has depleted and contaminated the once-plentiful, clean water resource, known as the Ogallala Aquifer.  Besides severe depletion, more than 75% of wells test positive for Atrazine pesticide.  Besides being the only 100% organic grower of wholefood wheatgrass powder, we are also the only one not to use irrigation.


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Support 100% Organic by Sincere Organic Family Farmers

We hope you will support our 40-year relationship with Natural Grocers and our shared commitment to organic farming. For more information on how Pines worked to improve our planet, please follow this link.