Banana-Protein Cashew Milk Smoothie

In addition to her blog, Whitney posts on Instagram as @purposetonourish. She recently discovered Pines Wheat Grass and her first smoothie she called a "banana-protein cashew milk smoothie." Here's what she said:

"Happy Monday! Did anyone else start their morning with a green smoothie? Today I tried out powered wheatgrass from Pines, the wheatgrass people. I blended the wheatgrass with a frozen banana, cashew milk, a splash of coconut water, and a half scoop of protein powder. This was a new one for me, and it was delicious!! Will drink again!"

Banana-Protein Cashew Milk Smoothie will Help Nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit

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Whitney's blog is at  She seeks to nourish the mind, body and spirit with HEALTHY meal plans, grocery lists and lifestyle tips. Hence, you will find recipes that are ALWAYS gluten-free, often Vegan, inexpensive, with low waste. You will also find great articles on health and fitness.

We are the only green food company to use this standard and standards for growing and harvesting wheatgrass that were established in 1937 by Dr. Charles Schnabel, who is known as the father of wheatgrass. We still use many of his same fields in northeastern Kansas. In fact, our bottling and shipping facility is right across the road from one of his fields.

Pines is the only producer of whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa in Kansas that uses modern facilities built and used exclusively for certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher, gluten free human food products. Unlike the other Kansas producer, our facilities have never been used to produce pesticide-based feed for confined-animals used by the meat industry. All bottles are amber glass with special caps so that we can remove the oxygen.  As a result the product stay fresh and don't lose color and nutrition like plastic containers.

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The Centers for Disease Control found that only one in ten people eat enough dark green veggies. They also found dark green veggies protect us from disease common to modern society.  That's why the USDA food plate (at left) made veggies the most important food group.

No matter how many vegetables you eat, you probably need more.  PINES products cost less than other vegetables and provide more nutrition. Please use our store locator to find a location near you where you can buy Pines. Also, feel free to order online.

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