WaterProtectors Use Pines' Greens for Sustenance

At the bottom left corner of this picture is Pines' good friend, Alice.  During Thanksgiving, she and her daughter, Suni, joined the WaterProtectors at Standing Rock.  They carried with them the blessings and goodwill of all of us at Pines.

Water is Life

The DAPL pipeline threatens not only the Standing Rock Nation but those down river, too. Although it was not necessary to cross the river, the pipeline route crosses the river back and forth to avoid denser populations. As the sign in the picture says, pipelines have suffered 3,300 ruptures and leaks since 2010. Running a pipeline under a water supply for millions of people is irresponsible. In the top left corner is a representation of the fresh water Mother Earth gives us.  In the top right corner is another work of art. It shows an ugly, oily snake going under the river. The superimposed word, "NO" is the answer to those who want to take unnecessary risks with our water.  Below that artwork is one of the cases of Pines' green superfoods that Alice and Suni distributed to kitchens throughout the camp. We hope our Green Duo Capsules will help provide sustenance for those who stay for the long winter ahead.

Pines' People are Waterprotectors

Unlike other green superfoods, Pines' greens are not from old animal feed dehydrators for the meat industry that depend on irrigation. Instead, we use modern, stainless steel, vegan friendly, human food grade facilities.  We use our equipment exclusively for Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified greens for humans.  We do not need and never use irrigation. Pines also supports moving away from fossil fuels like those in the DAPL pipeline. That includes the petrochemical plastic used to package other green superfoods.  We package with amber glass bottles and special metal caps.   The oxygen is removed from each bottle.  As a result, we protect our greens from oxidation and nutrient loss that occurs with plastic. The seal in the tight-fitting metal cap keeps the products fresh after opening. Pines never uses cheap plastic packaging.  Plastic is nor only s petrochemical, but it also can contaminate greens in plastic containers. Further, the green superfood contents of most plastic containers are grown with water from an ancient aquifer that is now depleted and contaminated.