Our friends at Live Green operate a beautiful natural food store in Trinidad, West Indies. They published this great post about true wheatgrass from Pines. Here is what they said:

"Are you one that’s nauseated by the smell and aftertaste of wheatgrass but long to get all those wonderful health benefits? If so, we have the thing for you and you’re gonna love us even more now!!! :)

"Wheatgrass Tablets!!! "Now you can simply pop them into your mouth and voila… you’ve gotten the best nutrition you can get, without the gag reflex and without the worry of it being grown properly under the right conditions.

"PINES Wheat Grass Tablets are an incredibly convenient, surprisingly economical way to make sure you (and your kids) eat green vegetables every day! Get some today at Live Green!"

Why does True Wheatgrass from Pines Taste Better?

Grown under natural conditions, Pines Wheat Grass tastes good. That means it grows through often-freezing temperatures, outdoors in rich glacial soil. The roots go down deep more than a foot in rich glacial soil. Try wheatgrass roots result in a moldy mess at the bottom of a tray.

Wheatgrass grown in trays has seeds 300 times closer than is natural. Those poor spindly leaves result from growing seven times faster than natural in extremely crowded unnatural conditions. Growing wheatgrass unnaturally in trays results in high levels of bacteria and mold. Forced to grow so unnaturally, no wonder it tastes bad. Nature's pay back!

Look at the difference between tray wheatgrass in the top picture and true wheatgrass in the bottom"

comparing true with tray - Copy

We Harvest True Wheatgrass Only Once Each Year

Pines harvests at the once-a-year time when wheatgrass reaches its peak. It is still shorter than the unnatural kind but is much darker green. The leaves are healthy looking, thick, juicy, flavorful. They do not contain the mold and high bacteria levels of wheatgrass grown unnaturally in trays.

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Grown and harvested as we do, Pines Wheat Grass is a nutrient-dense leafy-green vegetable. As a result of the CDC studies, the USDA developed MyPlate. It shows that green vegetables should be our most important food. They found that only one American in ten eats enough dark green vegetables.

Pines Wheat Grass is a convenient and economical way to increase your green nutrition. A rounded teaspoon of powder in a smoothie provides the nutrition of a full serving of a veggies.  Seven tablets also provide a serving.  Because of our growing, harvesting and packaging standards, no other wheatgrass product is as nutrient dense as Pines. Because it is a whole food, not a juice, Pines Wheat Grass is prebiotic.  Thus, it promotes probiotic bacteria to ensure colon health and full assimilation of nutrients.

Pines Wheat Grass is Good for Your Body and the Planet

delicious - white to rightPines Wheat Grass is a nutrient-dense, pesticide-free vegetable. When you use Pines products, you support both better health and sustainable farming.

At Pines, we do it all, from planting the seed to filling the bottles. In fact, our bottling and shipping facility is right across the road from one of our fields!

Because of our commitment to quality, Delicious Living recognized Pines Green Superfoods with the 2017 Supplement Award.

Mix with Recipes or Use Convenient Tablets and Capsules

Please check out the many smoothie and other recipes for REAL wheatgrass on our site.  We hope you try them or use them as inspiration for your own smoothie recipe.  Please visit our store locator or order online.