Pines Manager's Run Totals 54 Miles!

Jason has run thousands of miles in training and marathons.  He demonstrated the results of his training as well as his stamina and endurance this past weekend by competing in a 50-mile run in under 12 hours!

Jason's Report on His Outstanding Run

"I'm feeling pretty good right now! Another bucket list item checked off! Yesterday I completed 50 miles in 11:09 hours and continued on to finish the day having run 54.4 miles. As soon as we got to the finish line a news crew showed up to interview Adam Howard Stroik. He had carried the American flag for 50 miles! The news crew should have stayed. Jaclyn Long beat both the men's and women's state record in a 12 hour race by a long shot! Very exciting day!"

Pines Wheat Grass gives Jason an Edge

“I take Pines Wheat Grass tablets several times each day and put a generous spoonful of Pines Wheat Grass powder into my protein shakes once or twice a day. I feel like I’m doing my body a wonderful favor each time I use Pines Wheat Grass. It also curbs my food cravings between meals." Like all darkly pigmented vegetables, Pines Wheat Grass and Alfalfa are great sources of dietary nitrates. The body turns these compounds into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been shown to improve circulation and the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to the cells. That is important for all of us, especially athletes.

Jason and His Crew Package Green Superfoods from Pines

Jason is a manager at Pines organic, GMO free, gluten free facilities. His crew package Pines products right across the road from one of our fields.  Jason’s team fills amber glass bottles with our darkly pigmented green superfoods.  Then, they use special metal caps.  Because of the tight seals in the caps, Jason's crew creates an air-tight seal after removing the oxygen from each bottle. That safeguard protects our greens from oxidation.  Oxidation in plastic bottles and packets cause nutrient and color loss for green superfoods when they sit on a store shelf for months or even years.  Wheat grass, barley grass and/or alfalfa should never be packaged in plastic containers or paper packets.  You can completely seal the bottles between uses with the tight fitting metal caps. This precautions makes sure you always have a fresh product with maximum nutritional value.

All of Us Need More Dark Green Vegetables

It is easy to see the concentrated chlorophyll pigment when you add water to any Pines’ product.  For more than 40 years, top performance athletes like Jason have depended on Pines.