Nurse Loves to Travel with Green Duo Capsules

Jacqueline is a neonatal/pediatric nurse. She is a beautiful healthy woman who works out regularly and eats nutritious food.  She realizes that studies show 9 out of 10 people do not eat enough green vegetables.  That's why she consumes plenty of green nutrition with Green Duo. As a nurse, she sets an example and shares nutrition tips for every new mom she meets. Jacqueline posts on Instagram as @cruzinjr. Jacqueline keeps those nutrient-dense green food capsules handy when she travels.  She took this picture on a Carnival cruise ship.

What is Green Duo and Why Does a Nurse Use It?

Green Duo is a perfect blend of two nutrient-dense superfoods: wheatgrass and alfalfa.  Our whole food wheatgrass is the only one on the market that is grown by 100% organic farm families. It is grown, harvested and packaged in accordance with published medical research.  That research inspired Ann Wigmore. She was the author of several books about wheatgrass. Regarding alfalfa, PINES grows and harvests it correctly as an organic food. That's why it was the first alfalfa leaf to meet the stringent standards for verification by the Non-GMO Project. Both ingredients in Green Duo are not only gmo free, but also certified organic, Kosher , gluten free, vegan and raw.

Vegan-Friendly: Facilities NOT Built for Meat Industry!

PINES is so vegan friendly that our wheatgrass and alfalfa powder facility in Kansas.  That's because we own the only Kansas facility built exclusively for 100% organic, non-GMO products for humans!  Built for animal feed, other facilities in Kansas for 60 years have produced pesticide-based alfalfa for the mechanized, industrialized meat industry.

Packaged Appropriately in Oxygen-Free  Glass Bottles

In addition, PINES' produces the only green superfoods packaged appropriately in amber glass bottles with special metal caps.  Those containers allow us to remove the oxygen from each bottle. As a result, the rapid deterioration and loss of nutrients in plastic tubs and paper packets does not occur. Furthermore, after opening, the tight-fitting metal caps allow you to completely seal the product between uses.