Mighty Greens Warriors Expose GMO Dangers

Please join the Green Duo Superheroes, Alfalfa Allie and Wheatgrass Willie. Become a Mighty Greens Warrior. Help inform consumers.  The world's largest GMO food monopolies own many organic brands. Further, many of these brands may not be that healthy to use.

Juice in Plastic Bottles has to be Highly Processed

For example, most juicing experts say that a juice has be used shortly after being made to be valuable. Even so, juices from such companies as Suja, Odwalla, Naked and Bolthouse sit for weeks on the shelves of stores. They have long shelf lives because heat or pressure processing kills bacteria. Such processes also destroy valuable nutrients.

Most Plastic Bottle Juice are Owned by GMO Monopolies

Even worse, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Cambell's Soups are the major investors in those juice brands. Those are three of the largest GMO food and beverage monopolies! Suja even received funds from Goldman Sachs. That's the banking giant whose executives took more than $100 million in bonuses from the taxpayer bailout! Further, Coke and the other GMO monopolies profit from taxpayer subsidies given to farmers to grow GMO ingredients for their products. Those ingredients not only contain the highest levels of herbicides and pesticides in history, they are grown using our tax dollars!

Mighty Greens Warriors Support 100% Organic Companies

Massive GMO monopolies have annual revenue infinity greater than small truly organic companies. As a result, real organic companies  struggle to compete.  GMO monopolies have bullied their way into the natural foods marketplace.  The Cornucopia Institute, reports that they seek to weaken organic standards.  Consequently, they seek to take over the membership of the National Organic Standards Board. Some even have used registered trademarks from real 100% organic companies to capitalize on the positive image associated with true organic trademarks. These GMO monopolies have led the way with other massive corporations in spending $45 million to keep consumers in the dark.  They bankrolled opposition to many State ballot initiatives that would have required poison-laden GMO products to be labeled. They continue to spend millions each year to prevent consumers from knowing the truth about the dangers of consuming herbicides and pesticides.

Help Educate about TRUE Organic Brands

Become a Mighty Greens Warrior!  Please learn the "organic" brands owned by GMO monopolies and don't buy those products. Please understand that each time you buy an "organic" brand owned by a GMO monopoly, you help the bottom line of those who seek to destroy organic agriculture. Although each GMO monopoly has bought up some organic brands, their other products are GMO. As a result, everything else they sell is everything-but-organic. Please share this chart that identifies those brands:

"Organic" Brands owned by GMO Monopolies