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After More than 40 years, our Message is Now Mainstream

Pines began in Hays, Kansas, in 1976 but moved to Lawrence in 1979. We have stockholders in both Hays and Lawrence. Although they only made small investment, the stockholders of Pines are proud that their message of “eat more green” is now mainstream. As a part of Pines efforts, healthy people and those trying to return to good health now know the they need more dark green veggies. Although many of Pines’ users prefer tablets or capsules, others mix the powders with juice or smoothies and other recipes.  Others simply mix stevia-sweetened Mighty Greens with water for a clean and tasty drink..

Veggie Nutrition with Powder, Tablets or Capsules

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Our message in 1976 was reinforced by the Centers for Disease Control. Their studies showed that 9 out 10 people don’t eat enough wholefood vegetables.  Pines Wheat Grass and our other original green superfoods make it easy to increase the greens in your diet.  The USDA Food Plate says we should be eating more veggies than any other kind of food.

Standards from the Father of Wheatgrass

Pines was the first green superfood company in the health food market. After more than years, we are still the only grower of wheatgrass to follow scientific standards.  Charles Schnabel, the Father of Wheatgrass, outlined them in 1937.

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Unlike other growers, we follow Schnabel's growing and harvesting standards. We are also the only green super food grower to follow his packaging standards.  As a result, the vegetable nutrition in Pines products provides more nutrition than other products.

Oxygen Removed from Each Bottle to Retain Freshness

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During most of the past 80 years, brands of green veggie powders used earth-friendly amber glass bottles with special metal caps. This packaging allowed companies to remove the oxygen and tightly seal the bottle. Oxygen causes loss of green nutrition and color. Pines is the only company that still uses oxygen-free glass bottles.

In recent years, in order to increase profits, most companies now package in plastic containers or paper packets.  You can see the obvious effect of oxidation in the above picture. Worse than the loss of value by oxidation, plastic is not earth friendly and is made with fossil fuel, which is toxic to life.

No Irrigation on Our Farms in Lawrence - Natural Rainfall

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Pines is also the only whole food wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa grower in Kansas that does not use ground water for irrigation. Instead, we grow in appropriate climates for those crops. Our farms in the Northeast corner of Kansas receive plenty of natural rainfall. Thus, we never need irrigation. Moreover, Pines strongly opposes the abuse of the once-pristine fossil water of the Ogallala aquifer in dry areas in Kansas. That water was always very limited. Farmers grow crops there that need rain. Because the region is dry, they have to irrigate.

Blind Greed Caused the Depletion and Contamination

The Ogallala took thousands of years to accumulate. Dry land farmers wasted this precious resource to grow animal feed for the confined animal meat industry during the past 70 years. That contributed to massive depletion of the aquifer. Many wells are now dry. Further, the use of pesticides for growing animal feed and GMO corn for ethanol has poisoned the aquifer. These farming abuses caused depletion and contamination of what was once pure and plentiful clean water resource .

Pines is 100% Organic and Does Not Practice Dual Farming

Pines owns and uses the only dryer in Kansas built for Certified Organic food. Located North of Lawrence, we do not practice dual farming. Farmers who use dual farming grow organic crops part of the year and pesticide-based crops the rest of the year. We oppose dual farming and oppose such farmers receiving organic certification. We believe dual farming to create an "organic sideline" shows a lack of sincerity. Clearly dual farmers do not care about organic farming. They simply profit from the efforts of those who sincerely do care and who are 100% organic.

Unlike other dryers in Kansas, we did not build our dryer North of Lawrence for pesticide-based animal feed for the meat industry. Instead, we built our dryer and use it ONLY for organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, human food. We have never and will never use our farms and dryer to produce animal feed for confined-animals suffering in crowded pens waiting for slaughter. Because we do not use our farms and facilities to support the industrialized meat industry, we are are uniquely vegan friendly!

Where to find Pines

We hope all people will protect their health by eating more green veggies. Please visit our store locator or order online.

Delicious Living announces Pines won the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any superfood. Delicious Living Magazine announced that Pines won the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any superfood.