Kansas' Only 100% Organic Wheatgrass Company

In 1976, PINES International in Kansas introduced the first green superfood to the natural food marketplace. For 40 years, we have followed recognized growing, harvesting and packaging standards. In 1937, a scientific team established those standards after they spent years studying cereal grass. They found that wheat grass and barley grass is best when harvested at a special once-a-year time. They called it the "jointing stage." That's when it contains the highest nutritional concentration of any leafy green food.  Pines is careful to harvest at that precise time.

Research Confirms Eating More Greens Makes You Healthy

Research indicates those who eat three or more servings of dark green vegetables per day are healthier and live longer.  They also have lower incidence of degenerative disease of modern humans. That makes since.  Consider other primates with similar digestive systems to humans. In the wild, these primates make dark green leafy foods their primary source of nourishment.  As a result, they don't suffer the kinds of nutrition-related disease of their human counterparts. PINES offers economical and convenient ways to increase your vegetable nutrition.

The ONLY 100% Organic Producer of Wheatgrass in Kansas

PINES is the only green superfood producer in Kansas that is 100% organic.  We are also vegan friendly and sincerely committed to environmental causes.  Pines grows all its products in appropriate areas that do not require irrigation.  That means PINES is the only grower that doesn't use water from the Ogallala Aquifer.   That precious water resource took tens of thousands of years to accumulate. Agribusiness geared to the meat and ethanol industries has just about completely depleted it. Atrazine and other farm chemicals now contaminates nearly all irrigation wells.

PINES is Opposed to Aquifer Contamination & Depletion

PINES does not depend on potentially-contaminated and nearly-depleted ground water. Instead, PINES grows its cereal grasses and alfalfa in appropriate areas with adequate rainfall,  We are also the only Kansas wheatgrass and alfalfa producer is 100% organic.  Unlike other wheatgrass powder producer in Kansas, PINES is not a pesticide-based agribusiness with an "organic sideline."  We disagree with the idea that any company should be allowed to produce both organic and pesticide-based food. We think that is wrong, but unfortunately that is what is going on with the other producers of wheatgrass powder. no irrigation Organic farming is not a sideline for the family farmers at Pines. It is our way of life and has been for more than 40 years! We built our clean, modern, stainless steel facilities for 100% certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher human food   Our facilities were not built decades ago for animal feed. They are also not located in areas so dry that farmers have to use irrigation.  For more than 60 years, these animal feed operations along with ethanol producers have wasted and contaminated our Aquifer with herbicides and pesticides.  We feel that is wrong!

Best Standards for Growing, Harvesting and Packaging

We package our products in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. That way, the oxygen can be removed. Nearly all other green superfood products are packaged in petrochemical plastic containers and paper packets.  They do not and cannot use our oxygen-free process because plastic is too porous. As a result, these poorly packaged products lose valuable nutrients to oxidation.  Also unlike plastic tubs or packets, the tight seal in our metal caps keeps the contents sealed between uses. Both safeguards ensure the freshest possible green superfood with the most vibrant green color and the most nutritional density.

No Tricks with Half Full, Squatty, Cheap Plastic Tubs

Pines offers more servings per bottle than green superfoods than those in plastic containers. Without closer examination, these plastic containers appear to contain more superfood.  One reason for that is because these containers are often only half full.  Another reason is the shape.  They are short and squatty. That causes them to in order to take up more shelf space.  As a result, they appear larger than they are. Poor growing standards result in plastic tub products having a much larger serving size than products fro PINES. That is another illusion. A larger serving size makes their nutritional facts panel looks better. But this trickery results in fewer servings per container, so that these products actually cost much more per serving than Pines' green superfoods. Because of the way they are grown, harvested and packaged, they offer less nutrition even with more grams per serving. In the pictures to the left in the collage below. you can see how we vacuum out the oxygen from each amber glass bottle before we seal it. Plastic Chemicals With poor growing standards and inappropriate packaging, greens in plastic tubs turn dull or even brownish yellow from oxidation.  Side by side, you can see the difference in color between the brands in plastic tubs and Pines in the picture below.  PINES has the most fresh, vibrant color of any other wheatgrass or alfalfa powder. pines powders PINES provides the most nutrition per dollar.  With PINES, each serving provides the nutritional equivalent of a full serving of spinach or kale at less than half the cost. You receive much more nutrition for a lower cost than any other wheatgrass or alfalfa powder packaged in plastic tubs or packets.

Pines' Green Superfoods are Organic and Non GMO

All Pines' products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and Kosher. They are available at leading natural food stores or direct through our shopping cart.