Jason Runs Up Pikes Peak Two Days in a Row

Jason has run thousands of miles during the last several years. He demonstrated his stamina and endurance this month. He ran the half marathon up Pikes Peak on Saturday and then ran the full marathon, both up and back down, on Sunday!

Jason Uses Pines and Bottles It for Other Athletes

Jason is a manager at Pines organic, GMO free, gluten free facilities. They are located right across the road from one of our fields. Jason's team fills amber glass bottles with our darkly pigmented foods.  They use special metal caps that make it possible to remove the oxygen from each bottle before sealing. That safeguard protects our greens from oxidation.  Oxidation causes nutrient and color loss for wheat grass, barley grass and/or alfalafa packaged in plastic containers or paper packets.  Sealing the greens for maximum freshness between uses is possible because of the tight-fitting metal caps.

Add Water and Watch Pines Superfoods Turn Dark Green

It is easy to see the concentrated chlorophyll pigment when you add water to any Pines' product. Darkly pigmented foods are not only naturally-concentrated in vegetable nutrition, but also high in dietary nitrates. Nitrates increase levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood. That improves cardiovascular function and is good for everyone, especially athletes. For more than 40 years, Pines has been the preferred choice for top performance athletes like Jason.

Jason's Team at Pines Supported Him at the Marathon

Two other members of the Pines team accompanied Jason on his trip to Colorado Springs.  Shown standing with him are Antonio and Skyler. They fill many roles at Pines from shipping orders to being a part harvest and farming teams. Both men also participate in promoting our products. At this marathon, Skyler and Antonio occupied a booth. They provided samples of Pines Wheat Grass and bottles of Green Duo Capsules to race participants, their families and friends.