Humanitarian Company of the Year for Feeding the Hungry

The Children’s Feeding Network presented a plaque to Pines as the Humanitarian Company of the Year.

The plaque (shown in the picture) says “To Pines Wheatgrass Company for exemplary service, donating lifesaving nutritional care to orphans, malnourished children and widows in extreme poverty living in rural Guatemala.”

Diets Deficient in Dark Green, Leafy Veggies

The diets of poor rural families in Guatemala are often low in dark green, leafy veggies. As a result, the health of the extremely poor often suffers.

That's because research has linked eating plenty of dark green leafy veggies with a lower levels of disease. The Centers for Disease Control and the USDA say we need more of these kinds of foods.  Further, most doctors and diet experts agree.

Pines donated more than seven million servings of deep green, leafy food to the Children’s Feeding Network. That equals a serving of green veggies each day to 9,000 children for two years.

Pellets Protect Green Super Foods

To protect our green super food from losing value, Pines extruded the vegetable powder into tightly pressed pellets. The pellet form helps protect against oxidation and loss of nutrients.

The food network distributes bags containing 200 servings regularly to the people.  They give instructions on how to grind the pellets with corn to make green tortillas. Other ideas include mixing with soups, stews and other foods as ways to increase the green food in their diets.

Gifts to Feeding Programs from a Humanitarian Company

During more than 40 years, Pines has given a portion of its harvests to feeding programs.  Programs include those in Africa, Central America and the United States. In addition, our humanitarian company, through its foundation, makes gifts to feeding programs in Kansas.

Pines Green Super Foods for All

Pines follows the standards established by Charles Schnabel in 1937.  Schnabel is know as the "father of wheatgrass".  That's because he spent most of his life in research of wheatgrass and other cereal grasses. He found the best way to grow them, harvest them and package them. Now, as a result, you can find Pines green super foods at leading natural food stores or online.