Haley's Magical Mighty Greens / Banana Ice Cream

Instagram user Haley says this about her picture above:

"Gonna take a moment and sound like an advertisement. I've been training on a new line of products that I'll be demoing in the near future and they are so tasty and made by great people, too (shoutout to The Wheatgrass People).  I mixed their Mighty Greens formula (a blend of wheatgrass, alfalfa, hemp and stevia) with a couple frozen bananas and it tastes like magical wheatgrass ice cream. That probably sounds questionable, but I can attest to its deliciousness! So next time you're looking for some extra nutrition, go snag some of this powder or some of their wheatgrass tablets."

More about Haley

Haley's home is Chicago. She is a professional photographer and blogger who is studying to become a naturopathic physician and nutritionist. She is also teaches yoga and is a musician. You will find Haley's pictures at here. Her blog is here.  Her Tumblr is here.

The First Green Superfood in 1976

Pines produced the first green superfood company for the natural food marketplace. We began more than 40 years ago. Our message of eat more dark green, leafy, wholefood veggies caught on. We promoted that idea decades before research confirmed it.  That research showed that those who eat plenty of whole food fruits and veggies live longer and have less health problems.

Pines follows standards established in 1937 by Charles Schnabel and his team of scientists. Their research led to standards including harvesting at the once-a-year nutritional peak. They also showed that greens packaged in plastic tubs or paper packets quickly lose value. They said to always package in oxygen-free amber glass bottles with special metal caps to prevent loss of nutrition. Pines packaged that way from the beginning. The special metal caps and glass bottles also allow you to tightly seal the container between uses.  As a result, Pines bright green color confirms the difference from greens sold in plastic containers and paper packets.  This picture shows the result of poor plastic compared to Pines glass bottles:

Only 100% Organic Grower in Kansas 

The only grower of green superfoods in Kansas with 100% organic farms is Pines.  We do not believe in dual farming where a farmer grows both organic and non-organic crops. As the only Kansas grower using only natural rainfall, we also oppose depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer by other growers.  Further, the only vegan-friendly green superfoods from Kansas come from Pines. That's because we have never used our farms or driers to produce pesticide-based feed for the confined-animal meat industry. All Pines products are also kosher, gluten free and raw.

Where to Find Pines Green Superfoods

Although Haley eats plenty of greens, she still uses Pines' green superfoods. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 90% of people don't eat enough dark green leafy vegetables. Dark green foods help protect us from degenerative diseases that are near epidemic.  Thus, chances are that you should eat more greens.  Pines can help.  Our products cost less per serving than other green vegetables and are very convenient.  Please use our locator to find a store near you.  You may also order from our online shopping cart.

Delicious Living announces that Pines won the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any superfood.