Greenest & First Non-GMO Project Verified Alfalfa Only Available from Pines

We directly harvest our alfalfa.  We then quickly dry it at low temps and put in the freezer until ready make tablets or powder.  Then we place it in oxygen-free amber glass bottles. That's why Pines Alfalfa is the greenest. Alfalfa Products - Right     The roots of alfalfa’s name in the Arabic word literally means “father of all foods.” Excuse the pun about roots….however, that’s exactly the point. Its roots can grow up to 39 feet in length—extending deep into the earth for a variety of nutrients.  Although Pines Alfalfa products are nutrient-dense dark green, leafy vegetables like all other Pines' products.  The deep root result in higher levels of trace minerals.  That's why we have simply blends like Green Duo and Mighty Greens that give you a 50/50 blend of wheatgrass and alfalfa.

Look at the Picture Above. Pines is Definitely the Greenest

alfalfa - Right   PINES’ Alfalfa is a high potency source of the antioxidant Vitamin A as Beta carotene. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin K, and contains  Folic acid, as well as small amounts of Vitamin C, calcium and iron.And when you see the word ‘alfalfa’, you probably think about the sprouts we add to our salads. Some nutrients exist in these nearly translucent wisps. Yet, a much more complex source of nutrients and chlorophyll come from the dark green leaves of the established alfalfa plant. That occurs months after it germinates.  It is then a bushy plant that grows to a height of several feet outdoors in soil.      

The Only Non-GMO Whole Food Alfalfa for Humans

no irrigation - right white PINES Alfalfa is the ONLY certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified alfalfa leaf. We provided our dried alfalfa leaf in powder, capsule and tablet form. We pack them all in amber glass oxygen-free bottles. PINES depends on natural rainfall for all its crops and never uses potentially contaminated irrigation water. PINES low-temperature dries its alfalfa and then keeps it frozen until ready for packaging. Most growers of dried alfalfa on the market left the plants dry by baking in the hot sun for several days.  This depletes the leaf from its original dark green color and nutrients. PINES is one of the few brands that provides 98% pure alfalfa tablets without all the chalk (calcium-based chemical binders).  Other companies produce their alfalfa tablets using these binders. We also provide Green Duo in capsules, which some people prefer to tablets. We are the only Kansas producer of wheatgrass and alfalfa that is 100% organic and 100% GMO free. Pines is the only Kansas farmer growing green super foods without irrigation. We stand strongly opposed to the waste and poisoning of the ancient fossil water of the Ogallala Aquifer. Pines is the only green super food producer in Kansas to use only natural rainfall for our crops. We are also the only Kansas grower using modern dryers built for organic human food.  We do not use old pesticide-based alfalfa mills built for the meat industry.

A Different Kind of Natural Food Company

Founded in 1976, PINES International ( is a successful natural products company. It is still owned by the original founders and families. PINES grows and packages its products with the utmost care. Pines focuses on creating and maintaining maximum nutritional value every step of the way.

More than 100 people joined together in 1976 to build a new kind of company. Their company would "give the common man a chance." None of them were wealthy. The average investment was $200. They took a gamble by investing in an idea that promised to put care of the planet above profits.

To reflect their belief in this concept, the shareholders selected the Pine tree as their logo. That's because the Pine tree is a international symbol of the peace found in nature.  Our contributions speak to our fulfilling our goals set more than 40 years ago.

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my plate - fixed right The Centers for Disease Control found that only one in ten people eat enough dark green veggies. They also found dark green veggies protect us from disease common to modern society.  That's why the USDA food plate (at left) made veggies the most important food group. No matter how many vegetables you eat, you probably need more.  PINES has the greenest products that cost less than other vegetables, provide more nutrition. In addition, we won the Taste of Life Award!  Please use our store locator to find a location near you where you can buy Pines. Also, feel free to order online.