Goddess of Health Knows Whole Foods are Prebiotic

Laura is a happy goddess. Laura's @happygoddess0428 Instagram pictures are about love, peace and nature. Others like this one emphasize eating plenty of dark green leafy vegetables.  You can mix Pines Wheat Grass powder with water, juice or a smoothie for green nutrition and essential vegetable fiber. Laura also uses tablets as a convenient alternative.

Why You Should Eat More Greens

Nine out of 10 people do not eat enough whole food greens.  Pines Wheat Grass, Mighty Greens, Green Duo and our other green superfoods are convenient and economical ways to increase whole food vegetable nutrition in diets. As the original green superfood 40 years ago, Pines is still correctly grown and packaged properly in oxygen-free glass bottles.

Avoid Superfoods Packaged in Plastic

Pines is much more vibrant than greens packaged in plastic containers and paper packets.  Other products copy our message but not our quality standards. Their serving sizes require as much as four or five times more product to achieve the same nutritional level. With Pines, a rounded teaspoon of powder or seven tablets or capsules equals a serving of a dark green vegetable.

The Goddess Knows Smoothies are Prebiotic

Juices or juice powders quickly pass through the digestive tract. Pines whole food greens are prebiotic. That's because they still contain important vegetable fiber! The medical community now recognizes that it is not good to rely on juices rather than whole foods.

Our digestive tracts require whole food dark green roughage. Pines greens are gently dried and milled to a fine powder so they thoroughly digest. The fiber expands 12 times in liquids. That provides the perfect environment for probiotic bacteria, which are essential for the proper nutritional assimilation.

Dr. Eric Martens, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, recently presented important new research.  It showed that without adequate fiber in food, organisms eat away at the protective mucosal layer of the gut wall.

Roughage Promotes Probiotics & Proper Bowel Function

When people start using Pines, they often report an improvement in bowel function. That is not surprising since all primates, including humans, are designed for diets rich in green whole food roughage. All Pines products are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten free, vegan and raw.