Beauty Secret for Health Coach & Model

Valentina is a fashion model and certified health coach who says, "My beauty secret: ? I take 1 teaspoon of Pines Wheat Grass in a glass of water first thing in the morning. Then I wait 30 min and have my breakfast. Storage tip: buy wheat grass in a dark glass jar and store it in a freezer after opening. It keeps it fresh longer."

Do I need to Keep Pines' Green Superfoods in the Freezer?

As an extra precaution, to ensure the most vibrant product, you should follow Valentina's suggestion. However, even if you store the bottle at room temperature, our special metal caps creates a tight seal,  This limits oxidation between uses.
To begin with, Pines's products are much fresher than any other green superfood because of the way we package them. We vacuum out the air from each glass bottle and replace it with an oxygen-free atmosphere. Like freezing, this is another way to virtually prevent any oxidation.  Our packaging standard prevents the loss of nutrition and color that occurs when wheatgrass and any other green blend is packaged in plastic containers or paper packets. (Please Click Here for More Information on Nitrogen Packing) By protecting against oxidation, our green superfoods are so nutrient-dense.  One rounded teaspoon of powder, 7 tablets or 6 capsules are equal in nutrition and fiber to a generous serving of a dark green, leafy salad made from spinach or kale. Eat all the green you can and use Pines for even more!

Beauty Starts on the Inside and is Reflected on the Outside

Valentina knows that beauty starts on the inside. Chlorophyll-rich dark green leafy vegetables like Pines Wheat Grass provide the perfect environment for probiotic bacteria that help us digest our food. Chlorophyll and nutrients in dark green, leafy veggies like Pines Wheat Grass also help to slkalize, detoxify and energize our bodies. Add a few drops of water to any Pines' product and you can see how dark green rich they are in chlorophyll. The darker green a vegetable, the more nutrition and chlorophyll that is in it. All Pines' products are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, Kosher, gluten free and raw.