Allergy Expert Praises PINES' Products

Instagram user @krystenskitchen is an allergy expert who says, "Whether I'm camping in the woods in Oregon (like I was last week) or on the Beach in Miami (like I am right now) or at The Magic Kingdom (like I will be next week) I ALWAYS bring PINES WHEAT GRASS TABLETS from the @wheatgrass_people with me! It's harder to eat the amount of GREENS while traveling that we normally eat at home!" "I love this company & that I can totally trust the amazing & and nutrient-dense greens that go into each and every product that they produce. PINES is a company you can 100% trust! So thankful that my girl @livingcleanwchristine introduced me to them at Natural Product Expo West! Their products are 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified to be GMO Free, vegan, raw, Kosher and gluten free.  All Natural Food Stores that promote quality products in quality packaging carry PINES."

Allergy Free Recipes Require Trusting the Products

Krysten creates and promotes recipes for those with food allergies. She is an expert on that subject and serves as the Foodie & Food Allergy Guru for @FoodBackground. Krysten knows that PINES was established 40 years ago as the original green superfood company. PINES continues to be only green foods that to follow the scientific standards established in 1937 by the Dr. Charles Schnabel, the father of wheatgrass. PINES not only follows Schnabel's standards for growing and harvesting wheatgrass, we also follow his packaging standards.  As a result, we are the only green superfood company to package in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. Doing that allows us to remove the oxygen from each bottle to prevent the oxidation.  That's important because oxidation in plastic containers and paper packets result in loss of color and nutrition.  PINES has always used appropriate packaging.  Unlike the flimsy lids in cheap plastic tubs, our metal caps contain seals that allow you to keep the product fresh between uses.

Top Athletes Know the Importance of Eating More Greens

Pines was the official green food of the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. Since 1976 we have been the top choice of top performance athletes as well as anyone seeking to increase their intake of dark green leafy vegetables. Studies show that 9 out of 10 people do not receive enough vegetable nutrition to protect their health.