Our 100% Green Super Foods Cost Less Per Serving

When Pines invented the term "green superfood" forty years ago, we used it to describe wheat and barley grasses that were first grown on our farm in 1932 for scientific research.


When grown in accordance with that research, these cereal grasses are only harvested during several days once each year at the point of maximum nutrition. At that stage, these young plants provide much more nutrient density than other greens. That's why we call them green superfoods.


Because of our success, other companies now also use our term "superfoods" to describe blends of products that may contain some cereal grass but mostly consist of common vegetables and fruits available at any store.


There is nothing wrong with these other kinds of foods, but they are not superfoods because they are not naturally concentrated in nutrition. They are added to blends because they are inexpensive. They are filler ingredients.


Because these so-called superfood blends contain lower nutritional ingredients, they often require three times as much per serving to provide the same nutrition as one serving of any of Pines products.


When costs are compared on a cost-per-serving basis rather than a cost-per-ounce basis, Pines 100% pure cereal grass products cost much less than any of these so-called "superfood" blends that contain many ingredients.