PINES Wheatgrass FAQ


What is Wheat Grass?

Are PINES' Products Gluten Free?

Are PINES products organic?

Why Doesn't PINES Use Plastic Containers?

What can PINES Wheat Grass & PINES other Green Superfoods do for me?

Can I use PINES' Green Superfoods if I have Allergies?

What is the recommended serving size, and servings per day?

When is the best time to take PINES' products?

What If My Kids Don't Eat Their Vegetables?

Are PINES' Green Superfood Products GMO Free?

Should I keep the glass bottles with special caps in the freezer after opening?

Is it true that only cows can digest grass?

Is it true that the cell wall prevents digestion?

What About Ann Wigmore?

Does PINES ship orders internationally?