Three of the the world’s top Spartan athletes visited Pines recently. They were in the area for an obstacle “mud” race west of Lawrence.
Hobie Call has become synonymous with Spartan athletics. Out of the last 46 Spartan Races he has entered, he won 37 of them, including the World Championships in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Hobie holds the Guinness World Record for lunging a mile when he beat the previous world record by 5 minutes in 2008. He ranks in the top 2% for Spartan Sprint, top 5% for Spartan Super and top 3% as a marathon runner.
Hobie has used Pines Wheat Grass for many years. He estimates he has gone through several hundreds bottles of the largest (24 ounce) size of Pines Wheat Grass powder since he has been an athlete.