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The claim that chlorophyll-rich foods help detoxify the body has been made for nearly 100 years, and research seems to support that claim. Certainly, an extensive body of evidence shows chlorophyll has anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. In fact, publication of chlorophyll research in the mid -20th Century was so much in the mainstream news that chlorophyll products to prevent bad breath became very popular, including mouthwashes, gums, toothpastes, etc. Thus, it is firmly established that chlorophyll-rich foods deodorize, but do they also detoxify?

We do know that research has shown that chlorophyll-rich foods help with many different disease conditions. In addition to the research on chlorophyll itself, wholefood wheatgrass and other wholefood chlorophyll-rich cereal grasses and alfalfa powders were used in several dozen medical studies. That research was later discussed in books about wheatgrass by Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and other authors. In addition to this medical research, several studies used wholefood wheatgrass powders for removing odors. One involved adding dehydrated wholefood wheatgrass and other cereal grass powders and tablets to the diets of senior citizens in several “old folks homes.” These facilities claimed that this chlorophyll-rich addition to the residents’ diets reduced “bowel odor.”

It may have been more than chlorophyll in the green superfood powders that reduced the bowel odor. Recent information regarding “prebiotic foods” indicates that the chlorophyll in the cereal grass may have helped reduce “bowel odor” but it may have been the combination of chlorophyll with the prebiotic qualities of cereal grass that caused the senior citizen’s colons to become less toxic.

Prebiotic foods are those that create a healthy environment for probiotics. Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria essential for colon health. Recent understanding of the nature of prebiotic foods indicates that detoxification as well as deodorization were involved in the reduced bowel odor because wholefood wheatgrass powder and other wholefood deep green, leafy powders are excellent prebiotic foods.

Although many fiber-rich foods are considered prebiotic, dark green, leafy vegetables are near the top of everyone’s list. Some of our grandparents and great grandparents also recognized the importance of eating greens and frequently emphasized the importance of eating them for “roughage.” They knew these foods were necessary for proper bowel function. The combination of chlorophyll, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in wholefood dark green, leafy vegetables creates a very healthy environment for probiotic bacteria. Most doctors and other health authorities agree that a healthy, functioning colon with plenty of chlorophyll and fiber is essential for preventing and removing toxins from the body,

The darker green the food, the more chlorophyll it contains. Wholefood dark green leafy vegetables with their gentle vegetable fiber are a staple in the diets of all other primates and most other mammals. Even carnivorous mammals such as cats and dogs depend on a certain amount of grass in their diets. Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats don’t eat grass only when they are sick. They also eat grass to keep from getting sick!

Back to the question, “Are wheatgrass and alfalfa from Pines detoxifying?” Since these foods provide considerably more chlorophyll than other leafy green vegetables, it stands to reason that if wholefood leafy green vegetables help remove toxins, then Pines green superfoods are even better at it because they contain considerably more chlorophyll than other green vegetables as well as prebiotic fiber for colon health.

As further evidence of the health-giving and health-protective benefits of prebiotic dark green leafy vegetables such as Pines green superfoods, the USDA in its “My Plate” program recommends that green vegetables be the most abundant food in the diet. That’s because data show that those who eat plenty of these foods live longer and have less degenerative disease. Since eating more vegetables is important for preventing disease and living longer, it seems that wholefood green vegetables must have the ability to remove toxicity and that this detoxification leads directly to increased health and longevity. Certainly, the ability of a body to prevent and remove toxins would seem to be essential to disease prevention because toxins are thought to weaken the immune system, which can lead to chronic disease conditions.

Unfortunately, some toxins enter our bodies through vegetables themselves because of the herbicides and pesticides used to grow them. That’s why many people depend on Pines products for some of their dark green vegetable intake. They know that for 39 years, Pines has provided leadership and an example for the organic farm movement. Pines International has been certified organic since the program began, and we grew our products organically before certification was available. All our green superfoods are also Non-GMO Project Verified, including our alfalfa, which currently is the only non-GMO Project Verified alfalfa anywhere on our planet. At Pines, we are committed to helping people remove toxins from their body, not adding to them!

In understanding prebiotic foods, not only do we need to avoid foods grown with toxins, we need to avoid drinking too much juice. Although Pines has produced wheatgrass juice powder for nearly 30 years, there is a reason (besides additional cost) that we have always put the emphasis on our wholefood green superfood powders. That’s because in order to achieve the probiotic effect of dark green, leafy vegetables, the vegetables need to be consumed as wholefoods, not juices. Juices are not prebiotic!

Certainly juices are quickly absorbed, but without fiber, they do not have the prebiotic, detoxifying effect that dark green roughage with fiber has in the digestive tract. Most nutritional authorities now recommend limiting the amount of extracted juice or juice powders from the diet in favor of wholefoods because wholefoods provide essential fiber and are prebiotic. The most natural fiber for mammals is vegetable fiber, such as that found in Pines’ wholefood green superfood products.

In addition to juices losing their prebiotic ability when the fiber is stripped away, juices also tend to have a much higher glycemic index than the wholefoods that are used for their extraction. Wholefood fruits and vegetables actually help prevent diabetes because they require more time for digestion and take more time to transit through the intestines. On the other hand, juices can actually create blood sugar spikes because of their rapid absorption. This certainly makes sense from a natural point of view. Obviously, our bodies were designed to digest whole foods not juices. Our ancestors did not have access to juice machines!

To see the effect of fiber in Pines green superfoods, simply add a teaspoon of water to a tablet on a plate and watch what happens during the next 30 minutes. A tablet will swell to 12 times its size. The same is true with Pines wholefood green superfood powders. Fiber-rich, chlorophyll-rich, dark-green, leafy vegetables are exactly what is lacking in most “modern” diets. Such roughage foods along with the chlorophyll in them are necessary for proper colon function and the prevention of toxic build up.

We have sometimes heard the mistaken idea that wheatgrass has to be used as a juice because only cows can digest cellulose fiber. It is true that ruminant animals like cows can digest cellulose, but the reason for fiber in the human diet has nothing to do with it being digested. Cellulose fiber in all our food does not digest but is essential to provide “intestinal fill” and normal bowel function. Wholefoods with fiber provide the prebiotics needed by healthy probiotic bacteria. Fiber gives volume to the food in the intestinal tract for better digestion in the small intestine and the right kind of consistency to keep the large intestine (the colon) functioning as it should.

The idea that only cows should eat fiber-rich foods and that we should only use juice is incorrect. If humans could not digest food containing cellulose fiber, we would need to juice all vegetables and fruits and figure out ways to remove all the cellulose fiber from other prebiotic foods such as nuts, grains and beans as well! Some people think the only path to detoxification is through juices, but the reverse may be the reality. If we ate diets consisting of only juice, without plant fiber, our colons would shrink, and our bodies would become even more toxic.

Another recently promoted mistaken idea also has its basis in the belief that “extracted juice is good because fiber makes food indigestible.” This new idea is to mill the wholefood green powder so fine that it mixes like a juice. Although such finely milled green superfood powder still provides fiber, the fine particle size lowers nutritional content. That’s because the finer any green superfood powder is milled, more surface area is available for oxidation, which deteriorates and devitalizes the food.

Even worse, if such finely milled products are sold in plastic tubs or paper packets, the product has also lost nutritional value from inadequate packaging. Plastic containers are bad enough. Milling to a fine powder just makes matters worse. Pines powders are milled much finer than one could ever chew a vegetable. They mix very well with liquid. Milling them even finer would be a major disservice to our customers..

Our nitrogen-packed amber glass bottles with the oxygen removed also prevent oxidation between the time of packaging and when you open the bottle. Even after opening, our metal caps with their special tight-fitting seals keep the product fresh and vibrant for many months after opening. Besides growing our cereal grasses and alfalfa in accordance with the standards established in 1937 by Charles Schnabel, who is known as the father of wheatgrass, our treatment of our product by not over-milling it and by not using inappropriate packaging is why Pines superfoods are much greener that those finely milled and cheaply packaged.

Toxins leave the body by way of the skin, breath, bladder and bowel. A healthy colon is the key to removing the largest amount of toxins from the body. There is truth to the adage, “being green inside is being clean inside.” The more we can replace processed low fiber foods and juices with nutritious chlorophyll-rich wholefoods like Pines green superfoods, the greater detoxification and health-protection we achieve. Over-processing of green superfoods by juicing and over- milling into super fine powders package inappropriately devitalizes chlorophyll and other nutrients and results in a less effective product.

For nearly 40 years, Pines green superfoods have been the best value and the most economical and convenient way to increase the dark green leafy vegetable nutrition in your diet and green leafy vegetables in their wholefood form help the body prevent toxic build up and help remove toxins caused by eating a low-fiber diet.