Actually, true wheatgrass and tray wheatgrass are not in competition. Tray wheatgrass has its place. Although tray wheat grass is grown under unnatural conditions, it still provides an amazing amount of nutrition.

The belief that there is no difference between the indoor tray wheatgrass and true wheatgrass that is grown through the winter outdoors is just one of many myths about wheatgrass. To learn more, please go to: Myths About Wheatgrass

Pines International still grows its wheatgrass in the same northeast Kansas soils and in the same way as the research. Pines Wheat Grass grows in that nutrient-rich, certified-organic, glacial soil for nearly 200 days. The temperatures are usually below freezing at night and sometimes above freezing during the day. The result is a very dark green vegetable with very concentrated levels of chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Yet, it is still no taller than wheatgrass grown in a warm temperatures for about a week.

How to Grow Wheatgrass (in Less Than Two Minutes)