The Green Duo Superheroes came to our planet to carry on Charles Schnabel’s vision. Dr. Schnabel dedicated his life to discovering the health benefits and the best way to grow, harvest and package alfalfa, wheatgrass and other cereal grasses. His research began in 1930 and continued until his death in 1974.

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Those who introduced Pines Wheat Grass in 1976 were so inspired by Dr. Schnabel’s discoveries that they carried on his passion.  Pines soon purchased one of Schnabel’s laboratories and other facilities Schnabel used. The company also acquired many of the same fields of glacial soil that grew the whole food cereal grass he used for the extensive body of research that became the scientific basis for the use of wheatgrass by Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Steve Meyerowitz.  In fact, Meyerowitz dedicated his popular wheatgrass book to Dr. Schnabel and called him, “The Father of Wheatgrass.”
Although Dr. Schnabel’s work lead to a greater emphasis on eating more greens, many people today still fail to eat enough vegetables.  Even worse, many now depend on foods with GMO ingredients, contaminated with unprecedented high levels of herbicide and pesticide residue.
The Green Duo has teamed up with Pines to encourage children of all ages to eat more green vegetables. The Superheroes are also taking a stand against GMO ingredients and are speaking out against the use of plastic to package dark green, vegetable powders.
Schnabel packaged his product in amber glass bottles with special metal caps and removed the oxygen to prevent the devitalizing effects of oxidation that occurs with green superfood packaged in plastic. Pines is the only company to continue this oxygen-free packaging standard and all other standards Dr. Schnabel established.