Our friends at Live Green, a beautiful natural food store in Trinidad, West Indies, published this great post about Pines Wheat Grass on their Instagram account (@livegreentt). Here is what they said:

“Are you one that’s nauseated by the smell and aftertaste of wheatgrass but long to get all those wonderful health benefits? If so, we have the thing for you and you’re gonna love us even more now!!! :)
“Wheatgrass Tablets!!!
“Now you can simply pop them into your mouth and voila… you’ve gotten the best nutrition you can get, without the gag reflex and without the worry of it being grown properly under the right conditions.
“PINES Wheat Grass Tablets are an incredibly convenient, surprisingly economical way to make sure you (and your kids) eat green vegetables every day! Get some today at Live Green!”

The reason Pines Wheat Grass tastes so good is because it is grown under natural conditions, through often-freezing temperatures, outdoors in rich glacial soil, where the roots can go down deep instead of being a moldy mess in the bottom of a tray.

The stuff grown in trays has seeds 300 times closer than is natural, and those poor spindly leaves are cruelly forced to grow seven times faster than is natural in extremely crowded unnatural conditions.. Tray grass is loaded with bacteria and mold. Combined with being forced to grow so unnaturally, it is no wonder it tastes bad. Nature’s pay back!

Pines harvests at the once-a-year time when REAL wheatgrass reaches its peak, it is still shorter than the unnatural kind but is much darker green and the leaves are healthy looking, thick, juicy, flavorful and without the mold and high bacteria levels of that grown unnaturally in trays.