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Beauty/fashion/lifestyle expert Stacy Cox emphasizes “internal beauty” through good nutrition. She knows that few foods are as detoxifying and cleansing as dark green, leafy vegetables. As the saying goes, “When you are green inside, you are clean inside.” A diet rich in these nutrient-dense, dark green leafy vegetables such as naturally-grown wheatgrass makes for healthy skin and a healthy glow.

Stacy has become a household name, thanks to regular television appearances on such shows as The View, The Dr. Oz Show, The OWN Network, The Style Network, E! News & Hallmark Channel’s “Marie” (Osmond). Stacy says, “Not everyone’s budget can dictate a daily or weekly trip to juice-a-rama destinations, but fear not, here’s the perfect home-based FYI solution. In less than a minute a day and for as little as 25 cents per day, you can have a serving of Pines Wheat Grass with the same nutrition as a serving of spinach. Pines Beet Juice Powder is another standout product from the brand high in lycopene and lutein, which are both players in the anti-aging game for optimal skin health.”

Pines introduced wheatgrass back to the national consciousness in 1976 and is the only company that follows the standards established by Charles Schnabel in 1937. Schnabel’s research is well known among wheatgrass enthusiasts. In his popular book, “Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine,” Steve Meyerowitz called Dr. Schnabel, “The Father of Wheatgrass.” Books about wheatgrass by Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and others have used the amazing results documented by doctors and hospitals using Dr. Schnabel’s outdoor, winter-grown wheatgrass powder. Pines still uses many of Dr. Schanbel’s fields and his laboratory. The company carefully follows his standards for growing, harvesting and packaging.

Stacy Cox understands the importance of using quality products such as Pines Wheat Grass. She is a Licensed skin care therapist and owner of Pampered People in Los Angeles, California. She is co-creator of Lifetime Network’s competition reality series “Blush.” Cox is the gal-in-the-know about the latest trends and shortcuts to affordably pamper women, men, and teens! An admitted beauty junkie with a kitchen pantry that rivals Sephora, and a closet that rivals Bloomies, Cox turned her passion for lotion, potions, and fashion into a career in 1999. Not only has she become a household name on popular television shows, she has spent years contributing her style and beauty savvy blogging.

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