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Besides the incredibly high nutritional content, the fiber in Pines Wheat Grass is one of the most important reasons for including it in your diet. Nutritionists recommend whole foods, especially those containing high-quality vegetable fiber such as found in PINES Wheat Grass. They tell us to avoid too much juice, white flour and sugar in our diets because a lack of fiber can ironically cause some people to have colon damage and that can result in eventually not being able to handle any fiber at all.

We recommend a diet of whole foods containing the natural fiber of the food. We certainly do not recommend anyone live on a diet of juices, but if your digestive track cannot handle fiber, PINES Wheat Grass Juice Powder is 100% dehydrated wheat grass juice. Because it is grown in a climate with a cold winter, it is much more nutritious, than other wheat grass juice powders on the market that have been grown quickly under artificial conditions inside buildings or in warm climates. It also has a much better flavor.

Servings:  about 43
Size:  6 oz
Serving Size: 2 teaspoons (4 grams)

Certified Organic | non-GMO project verified

100% pure with no binders or fillers.