Compare Pines with Others2
      Pines International introduced green superfoods to the Natural Food Marketplace in 1976. For several decades, Pines was the sole supplier of wheatgrass, barley grass, oat grass and alfalfa to other companies for their green food blends. Because of the demand, China along with several US producers started offering the these ingredients dehydrated using facilities built for the animal feed industry.
     Pines is the only Kansas company with modern stainless steel facilities used exclusively for 100% certified organic, Non-GMO Project “Verified, Kosher, vegan-friendly human food.
     With more then 40 years of research and development, Pines has earned the respect of those who appreciate quality in the natural food marketplace. We have proven our commitment to produce the highest quality green superfood on the market. Unfortunately, others do not share our commitment, and we’ve seen some material that isn’t green being sold as a green food. This picture shows other products compared to Pines.
     We recently received a request for a sample of Pines Wheat Grass from the Director of a DEA registered and inspected laboratory. He is an authority on product quality and serves on standards committees for US Pharmacopoeia and USP. He says this about the sample he received:
     “It is amazing how lovely this material is compared to what we usually see coming out of China. This is properly harvested juvenile crop material. We had already tested another sample of yours for one of your customers. It also was beautiful. The organoleptic properties were rich. Your products set the standard for high quality material that others should strive to achieve. They showcase the quality differences between your crops and other domestic and offshore crops that are sold in our industry.”