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Pines Wheat Grass has won a 2014 Packaging Design Award from Graphics Design USA!

Not only is the new label very attractive, Pines is the only green superfood company to package in oxygen-free amber glass bottles with special metal caps that seal the oxygen-free atmosphere in the bottle after the oxygen has been removed.

Without oxygen, a green food product will maintain a good green color and nutritional quality for years. When a green superfood is packaged in plastic tubs or paper/plastic/foil packets, oxygenated air and humidity deteriorate the product through the process of oxidation.

That’s why Pines Wheat Grass is bright green while so-called green superfood products in packets or plastic tubs are often dull green or even brown, grey or yellow.

Pines is the original wheatgrass company and follows the growing harvesting and packaging standards established in 1937 by the father of wheatgrass, Dr. Charles Schnabel, for our predecessor product, Cerophyl, which was a blend of wheat grass, rye grass, barley grass and oat grass.

Dr. Schnabel’s Cerophyl website shows the original product as well as the changes in the label for Pines Wheat Grass after Pines Wheat Grass was first introduced it in 1976.

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